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Axis21E Valiant.jpg

Axis21E Valiant.jpg

Aerospace Fighter Design
2 20mm Maxima Auto-Cannons Fixed Forward in Nose
4000 lbs of Wing Mounted Ordinance - Typically 12 Pheonix MKVI Missiles
One Pilot with andvanced A.I. Computer Assist.

The Axis-21E is the most common variant of the Axis 21 series of Air and Space combat craft. Designed with Transatmospheric and orbital combat in mind, the Axis has a fully sealed environmental cockpit with breakaway combat pilot escape capsule. This allows for the Pilot operating the craft to utilize much lighter and less cumbersome pressure suits rather than a full space suit, even when expecting combat in deep space conditions. The Axis 21 also features advanced Heads Up Display and Fire Control with computer assist to calculate for vectors, speed, and delta V, freeing up the pilots attention to focus on situational awaresness and combat. The Axis 21E variant is specifically designed around the role of Interceptor and was quickly adapted into service among the E.O.C. as it's next generation space combat fighter. Alternate payloads of ordinance do give the Axis 21E some versatility, allowing it to take on limited rolls as a strike fighter, or assault fighter. When ordinance is expended, or inappropriate, the Axis 21E can engage in close in dogfighting with it's twin 20mm autocannons. The 21E carries a substantial ammunition supply for its guns, giving it remarkable staying power in an engagement.
The designs for the Axis 21 were first laid down in the years following the Binary Wars, but production did not begin until the Corporate Insurrections. At the outset of the Corporate Insurrections E.O.C. forces were still relying heavily on Corsair III multi-role fighters among other older craft, as were Corporate forces. As corporate forces rolled out newer fighters this led to a shift in supremacy and high losses of E.O.C. pilots. The need for a faster, more maneuverable, better armored craft was clear and the Axis 21 was rushed into production. The Axis 21A was a pure space interceptor concept, armed with twin pulse laser cannons that drew power direct from the crafts fusion power plant, as did it's ion engines, giving it nearly limitless range and staying power on the battlefield. The 21A was unable to adequately escort landing craft and bombers in atmosphere, however, as the effects of atmospheric bloom on it's laser was severe, cutting it's range to a few hundred meters at best. While many of the Axis 21A are still produced and used in space combat rolls, the design was retooled several times to try to produce an adequate interceptor and patrol craft that could operate in space or atmosphere. The Axis 21E has proven a favorite among the variations with E.O.C. pilots, and has become a commonplace sight on bases and carriers throughout E.O.C. controlled space.

CREDITS: Davorama (a.k.a Davo, Beyondbent, Powerfusion3D, PoserFusion3D), All the great Kitbashers who have posted images of assemblies with Davo's sets that inspired me.
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