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WIP Work In Progress On Eli

So excited about this one... Once this one is out I will post up some horded renders I have been waiting to share. Just needed the right model.

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Amazing. I never would've thought there were elephants with such dark skins.


HW3D President
Staff member
Are there any more updates? It's been a month since someone's asked that question
Sorry Robert, and Ivory Elephant. So significant updates on moving the Elephant forward. We have the very talented Charles Taylor that has rigged this Elephant for Poser. But... we need our Paul Lessard to check the rigging, and also at least look into making the rig for DAZ Studio as well.

As of right now, Paul has been fixing issues with our HiveWire Big Dog in Poser that happened with our initial scaling challenges. Those are fixed now. Now Paul is working on our HiveWire Puppy as well as Sparky's newborn puppy, then he'll move to our English Bull Dog before working on any other animal.

Thank you for your kind patience dear people. I have so, so many animals worked up and are in line for rigging and maps. And I'm waiting too.