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WIP Work In Progress On Eli


HW Honey Bear
I had the same thought.... more or less... @Nerd3D - I use Poser 2014, and won't be upgrading to 11. (and yes, I'm aware that "2014" is really a "version 10 engine" so to speak) :)
Again, SUPER GREAT you have come on board, Chuck! :)

Satira Capriccio

Contributing Artist
Chris only said Paul is committed to other work (which includes other animals such as the dog) and will not be able to work on the elephant for a very long time. The elephant is simply further down the list than other projects. If Chuck wasn't working on rigging the elephant for Poser (yay Chuck!), we wouldn't even be seeing a Poser elephant for some time.

So ... if you are or you know a Studio rigger who is willing and able to take on the DS version of the HiveWire elephant ... talk to Chris OR ... in the case of a Studio rigger you know ... beg, bribe, or threaten them with a visit from Guido to contact Chris.

Chuck will do what he's best at, which is Poser for now. It's either Poser, or have the Elephant shelved for perhaps more years to come.

This move doesn't mean a Studio version won't be coming, but no promises to if and when. Unless we can scare up another Studio rigger, there is only so much Paul can take on, and we have him buried with several projects.


Wolff Playing with Beez!
Contributing Artist
Can't the bone rig itself be brought into DAZ Studio and converted to what ever weight mapping you want? I mean a cr2 opens up in DAZ Studio just fine and can be converted to TriAx and then just the weight maps have to be tweaked.


HW3D President
Staff member
I'm really disappointed to hear that you are dropping DS support for the rest of the animals or is this just for the elephant?

There was someone asking about a Dog over in the Daz forums I was going to send them here but is there any point?
Wow, I didn't say all that. Not even close. I said that our friend Chuck is rigging our Elephant in Poser, and that "some" animals will be offered in one format in the future in order to get that product to market.

As been stated by others here, our base Dog is being created for Poser and Studio, so is our Lion family, and Tiger to be, and our Deer projects that Laurie is working on mapping, and MANY of the animal breeds coming from the Horse will be Poser and Studio.

Tparo, if you know someone who can give aid in our goal to provide for Poser and DAZ Studio versions on all products, please let us know. You have to know from seeing these work in progress threads, that I have modeled a bunch of projects that have sat for years, not getting over the finish line. I HATE seeing projects sitting. It drives me crazy sometimes. I don't model projects as experiments, or just for fun. I model them to one day make them available to customers. I have a big challenge with being patient while projects move forward. Still a lesson I need to learn, and I'm failing at it. The old days at DAZ we could throw money at it and get it done, but that is much more of a challenge with a small company. We have a very talented core group of people, but still not enough time in the day to get every thing done that I'd like to see. For this reason I've reached out to Chuck and Sparky to give aid. We're very fortunate to have them lend a hand on certain projects. We welcome their unique talents with open arms. We hope to see many projects getting completed with their help.

Cliff Bowman

Hi guys.

I have a personal love for elephants - always have done. In fact, the first walk cycle I ever created for Poser was for Deb Ross's African Elephant.

I have really rather a lot on my plate at the moment and am concerned about making promises that I may not be able to live up to - but is there at least a list somewhere of projects awaiting rigging? If there are figures as appealing as elephants, dragons, dinosaurs etc. I'd love to pick one to play with and see if I can find the time to do a decent job.

I'm only interested in doing a decent job. With the Elephant and Big Cat already handled I'm not sure what there is that would appeal to me - and I don't think I am able to do a GOOD job on anything that doesn't appeal to me.




PS I also have ZERO interest in stepping on any toes. Simply not interested in any politics or BS at all

PPS I tend to be passionate. It's a thing. I love Poser, but DS has a lot going for it too. I would probably prefer to rig in DAZ Studio and then transfer that to Poser, and tweak than go the other way simply because I believe that direction of travel is easier for rigging information.


Contributing Artist
Hey Cliff, welcome!

The Elephant is being rigged for Poser only at the moment so if you're willing to do the DS I'm sure that would be very much appreciated.
I know Chris has worked on a Dragon but I haven't heard about it in a while so not sure where that is up too (it probably needs to be rigged and textured).
I think there was a list somewhere that Chris had of stuff that was waiting on Rigging and/or Texturing but I'm not sure where (it was in one of the animal thread I thought). Maybe he could start a new thread just with a list of WIP :)

Most of us here aren't interested in Politics or BS so you will fit in fine :)

Ken Gilliland

HW3D Exclusive Artist
Can't the bone rig itself be brought into DAZ Studio and converted to what ever weight mapping you want? I mean a cr2 opens up in DAZ Studio just fine and can be converted to TriAx and then just the weight maps have to be tweaked.
Yes, you can sort of transfer rigging from Poser to DS. I'm old school, I start by do my rigging the way it's done forever in Poser. Once I get the standard (aka legacy rigging) working right, I then split the project; convert to the legacy to Poser weight-mapping and import the legacy into DS and convert to Tri-Ax. The legacy rigging gives a solid start on both sides and from there I simply adjust the Weight-mapping where needed in Poser and DS..
Hi, Cliff, welcome to Hivewire
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Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Welcome to HiveWire from me as well Cliff. It is truly good to see you here. :)


Wolff Playing with Beez!
Contributing Artist
Thanks Ken. I kinda figured I was on the right brain track with remembering how that's done. BUT if Cliff would take on the DS rig that would be AWESOME!

Welcome to the Hive Cliff! :)