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What is Pommerlis up to? WIPs


Dances with Bees
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Can't wait to see how these turn out! What poses you do, we all know they will turn out fantastic!


Contributing Artist
First duo-pose is finished to my liking. Will be back on it next monday.
We will be at our caravan due to the fact all the trees of the forest decided to drop their leaves in our little garden last fall and we will have to clean it up LOL



The second pose is a bit more troublesome because of the positioning of the hands so that's why I will leave it be for a day or two.



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Really cute,and very well done pose work. Very human with life-like connection.


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Working on the duo-poses for Father&Child vol. 2


I remember I started these Duo-Poses way back when for Michael 4 & Kids4 and they are inspired by my own relationship with my father - who passed away many moons ago. One of my favorite memories is him being the first man in my life who "taught" me to dance.
It became an important pose for me to create and now I'm converting it to Dusk & Diva.
The feedback I have received from people so far has been one of recognition, both from the fathers as the daughters. So I think this is a universal thing, dancing on your father's feet.....

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