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Virtual_World new products

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Oh nice. I like the DoF, what I can see of it. What character is that? Monica?


Thanks very much, Pen and Tosca. :) Monica's great -- giving me incentive to practice w/Superfly. Also, I like learning to do postwork.

Lyne, your render is very beautiful and vibrant!


HW Honey Bear
Thanks... I do get a bit carried away with LARGE portraits... but I love showing all the details that talented people make! :flower04:


Yea....lol I have the same problem when I see a render is starting to look good...I want everyone to see it as it progresses....


Contributing Artist
Hi, It has been a while since the last time I commented on this thread; but this time I am posting to let you all know that I finished my new product for Dawn named Janet. The new product is for Poser; but I am going to start working on a DAZ Studio version ASAP. I spent a lot time learning about the new shaders options available in Poser 11 and doing some experimentation because I not only need new skin shaders; but also hair, clothing and others add-ons needed for the promotional images. I want to show you one of the promotional images rendered in Superfly.


Contributing Artist
She is beautiful VW! I'm so pleased that you will be doing a DS version. I love your work on Sora too...