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Transfer of Customer purchases at HiveWire 3D to the store at Renderosity

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I'm not sure if I still remember my real name from the HiveWire store, as I've always done everything through PayPal. And unfortunately I can no longer see invoices because I had a total PC crash. What can I do now, I'm not sure if I signed up for HiveWire with my or my husband's name.

Paypal keeps records of your purchases, and the HW store has sent you receipts for each purchase by email as well. Those are not in your computer - they are on the web, so you can access them from anywhere. From your email account (the same you have used on the purchases), seek for all email you have received from "sales@hivewire3d.com", and you should see your receipts. They show your billing information on the top left corner. Hope that helps. :)


Paypal keeps records of your purchases, and the HW store has sent you receipts for each purchase by email as well. Those are not in your computer - they are on the web, so you can access them from anywhere.

Only if you don't use an email software like Thunderbird/Outlook and tell it to delete the mails on the server after downloading them ...

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I use Thunderbird. But, I keep everything forever. So do you remember what you signed in as? I know it made me sign in every time I went to the store.


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The store closed on January 4th and the access to accounts in early Feb, as was explained in November when the announcement was made to close the store. The store pages are still available at the moment but you can not log in, buy from the store, or access account information. The product pages will be taken down as well, probably later this month.

We did not have user names in the store, so it should be your real name.

Your saved invoices or emails you have received over the years from purchases would have the name used on it :).
OK, thank you Alisa. Email sent then!

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Aliisa: Thanks for the information. I just sent my request to Renderosity.
I have a number of Ken Gilland's birds that I purchased at DAZ3D and which were transferred to Hivewire3D. Will these items originally purchased at DAZ3D also be transferred to Renderosity?

Yes, anybody whose already transferred their DAZ purchases (of my products) to Hivewire3D via my transfer program means those purchases are part of the HW records and will be moved to Renderosity, so don't worry.

I have talked with Renderosity and they will be continuing my transfer program, so if you have purchases of my products when I was at DAZ (2002-2013) or if for some reason your Hivewire3D purchases of mine (2013-2021) slipped through the cracks on this current transfer to Renderosity, we'll work on getting them to your Renderosity account.


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I would not worry about it, Kerya.

I was the first one to send an email and I never got a reply.

I do not think they've even started doing the customer account updates. When I get word that they are DONE with those, I will post here, and that would be the time to send another email :)


Hi, everyone -

Renderosity is getting ready to be able to put products that you bought at HiveWire (those which are being sold at Renderosity) into your Renderosity accounts.

They've been working very hard to get products in the store first, and they are not quite there yet.

PLEASE BE PATIENT - this is not going to happen overnight :)

Here is what YOU need to do for that to happen:

First, be sure you have an account at Renderosity. If not, you will need to create one.

You will need to know and fill out the name/member-user name/email information in the email template below. Your HiveWire information will be on any invoices you have printed or any emails you've gotten confirming purchases.

NOTE: DO NOT SEND YOUR HIVEWIRE USER NAME - those are only for the forums, not the store. Please use the name you had at the store :)

Send an email to

HiveWire Purchases

BODY (You can just copy and paste this, then add YOUR information as noted)

Hi - I would like my purchases from HiveWire 3D which are now being sold at Renderosity to be put in my Renderosity account.

My full name used at HiveWire's Store:
My email address used at HiveWire Store:

My member/user name at Renderosity:
My email address used at Renderosity:

Thank you very much!
I never kept any of my receipt or confirmation emails. Are we able to still access our accounts here to maybe save them that way? I'd have quite a lot and not even sure what made it to Rendo and what didn't.


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Unfortunately no, but you don't need to have copies to have them put in your account at Renderosity. They will have a list and will match it with the items that were transferred there


Very sad about this.. Just got this info. I will do the transfer request. But, I can't login for files, so anything not transferred to Renderosity is lost.

I was curious if anyone has heard back from Renderosity after doing this? I emailed about a week ago, maybe longer, but haven't heard anything. Not sure if I should wait longer or if there was an issue. Thanks!


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A few have, but not all. I would wait until I post when the imports are done and contact them then if your account is not updated. I'll try to verify this tomorrow and post if I'm told anything different.


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I have a backup of almost all the files but I missed the Glam Ponytail hair which came with the first Dawn.
I'm redoing some promos to Rendo. Hope to have access soon.
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