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The Birthday Thread!

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Uh oh, we missed your birthday Carey? Well, Happy, Happy Belated Birthday Carey! :bday:

Better late than never. ;)


near as I can figure I'm 64 as of the 5th of march... Just as I get to knowing enough to be really good at it, I'm too old to do it.....no please don't think it was a happy one as I am not allowed to have one any more.....lol
oh by the way my image is only a few years old, I still do not have any gray hair or baldness, my forty year old son is both gray and going bald, he hates me...lol


Happy Birthday to all. I had to of missed them all! Hope your birthdays these past few years have been great ones!!!
:):bday: Keep on creating! :)

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Hey stranger, long time, no see. ;) I hope you and your family are all OK, and stay safe.


Tomorrow is my wife's mothers 90th birthday...Way to go mother and might I add my thanks for having sex all those many years ago..Two of my best friends and a wonderful wife came out your efforts!!!!
Happy Birthday to your mother, I hope she has many more. I saw a news report a few days ago, can't remember where, but it was reporting that a woman of 109 had survived the virus. Some of of our parents were built of really stren stuff.