The Anchorage, Part 3

Discussion in 'The Meadow' started by Lorraine, Dec 11, 2015.

  1. Hornet3d

    Hornet3d Distinguished

    Congratulations !! You have every right to feel well pleased with your self and earned a rest, no need to conquer more than one challenge in a day. Sadly I am of an age where I no longer play with cars and pay someone else to do it.
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  2. Dreamer

    Dreamer Dream Weaver Designs Contributing Artist

    Given the option I'd rather leave it to someone else, but that tends to cost so what I can I'll do my self
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  3. Hornet3d

    Hornet3d Distinguished

    I just put my car in to have some work done and it sure does cost. I am still arguing with the warrant company just how much of the bill they are going to pay.
  4. Dreamer

    Dreamer Dream Weaver Designs Contributing Artist

    @Hornet3d yeah I have to put the car in soon to get some stuff done so I can get a warrant of fitness and I hate to think what its going to cost but its all stuff I can't do
  5. Pendraia

    Pendraia Seasoned Contributing Artist

    Sorry to hear that...I always need to be careful at work to drink enough water. I tend to forget.
  6. Dreamer

    Dreamer Dream Weaver Designs Contributing Artist

    @Pendraia yeah I am bad for it too, normally I can get away with it as I am not out under the sun all day but at events I do forget that I need more fluids
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  7. Pendraia

    Pendraia Seasoned Contributing Artist's the days I have an outside yard duty that get to me.
  8. Hornet3d

    Hornet3d Distinguished

    We have a similar test here in the UK called the Ministry Of Transport Test or MOT, it used to be for any that was three years old or older but they have changed to rules recently.

    The repairs on my car include a high level rear brake light some repairs to the suspension and a new steering lock module. I do have a warranty but to save money I took a voluntary excess but I did not read the small print so they will not cover the brake light and they class the steering module and suspension as two different claims, in fact they regard the suspension repairs to be one claim for the front work and a different claim for the rear work. The end result is they regards the work as three different claims meaning I have to pay three excess payments. Needless to say I will not be using them next year, the surprise is the the official Honda warranty is a much better deal which is a surprise.
  9. Dreamer

    Dreamer Dream Weaver Designs Contributing Artist

    @Hornet3d we had a rule change there too, now I need to get a WOF every 6 months as my car is pre 2000.
    I have to get the brakes, hand brake done and a tyer for it to pass, no warranty/insurance either not that any of this would be covered by it any way
  10. Terre

    Terre Distinguished

    Good morning. :)
    Dreamer I hope you got that all sorted out and are fine by now.
  11. Dreamer

    Dreamer Dream Weaver Designs Contributing Artist

    Evening Terre, Be another week or two before its all sorted. Not great but it is what it is
  12. Terre

    Terre Distinguished

    Good afternoon. :)
  13. Lorraine

    Lorraine The Wicked Witch of the North CV-BEE

    Howdy folks. January has been a sad one. The day after I returned home from my stay down country including a couple of nights with Dreamer (a lot of 3D talk was talked) I got a message from Dave and Carole via dinghy that my darling little fluffbum had to be put to sleep. She had developed diabetes and they were giving her insulin but just after they got back to Palmerston North before New Year she went blind over the course of a week. She was so frightened and they made the difficult decision to take her to the vet for a forever sleep. I was heartbroken. I spent a couple of weeks avoiding the world and crying a lot. She was the light of our lives.

    Our last time as housemates. Goodbye my beautiful little one xxx
  14. Dreamer

    Dreamer Dream Weaver Designs Contributing Artist

    Oh Lorraine I am so sorry to hear this
  15. pommerlis

    pommerlis Busy Bee Contributing Artist

    I am so sorry to hear this. Our furbabies to take a piece of our heart & soul with them don't they.
    Big, big, hug for you.

  16. Terre

    Terre Distinguished

    my condolences to all of you.
  17. Satira Capriccio

    Satira Capriccio Distinguished CV-BEE Contributing Artist

    I am so sorry :(
  18. Miss B

    Miss B Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time CV-BEE

    Oh, so sorry to hear this Lorraine. :grouphug:
  19. DanaTA

    DanaTA Adventurous

    Awwww, so sorry to hear this!

  20. Terre

    Terre Distinguished

    Good morning.

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