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Stay Home - Spread Hope Render Challenge


Dream Weaver Designs
Another one from me


Contributing Artist
Here's my second entry that I just finished titled "Spring Feeling". From the challenge products category I used the Subtle Skies, Tulips, Daffodils, and Mixed Poses for Dawn. This is fun! I hope I can come up with more ideas. :D
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WOW so gorgeous I love your color variety with all the flower blooms and how well it compliments her dress and mood! Fantastic job!

Gorgeous works everyone !! I love the way even though our moods might be a little sad the riot of color in all your images makes me smile inside and out and brings a sense of happiness, joy, and hope!! Love what you all have done!


Yet again, here's another one, but boy did it take awile, lots of experimental renders. One seems to lead to another, finally got the reflections right. And again, with all these fantasic renders posted here, I'm still trying to think out of the box a bit to try to make something that stands out from the rest.

Title: Nymph Sculpture in Copper

Spread the Hope free items used:

Lisa's Botanicals - Daylily
Lisa's Botanicals - Asiatic Lily
Lisa's Botanicals - Potted Palm
Lisa's Botanicals - Fallen Tree
Lisa's Botanicals - Greens for Fallen Tree

Other items used:

Daz - Genesis 8 Female
Emrys - Makayla HD for Genesis 8 Female
Daz Originals / Crocodile Liu - Nyo Hair for Genesis 8 Female(s)
Daz Originals / JeffersonAF - Iray Plants and Rocks Pack (short grass and rock)
Laticis - Crystal
Xcetra3D - Burnished Copper IRAY shader

Rendered in IRAY (DAZ3D Studio 4.12)

nymph sculpture in bronze.jpg


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    nymph sculpture in bronze.jpg
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Satira Capriccio

Contributing Artist
Little Bug in the Woods.

Baby Luna with Creature Head Morphs (a wee bit of Alien, Troll, and Werewolf snout)

Little Bug in the Woods_1600.jpg

Stay Home - Spread Hope products
  • Fallen Tree - HiveWire 3D
  • Greens for Fallen Tree - Lisa's Botanicals
  • Bellflower - Lisa's Botanicals
  • Pansy - Lisa's Botanicals

Llola Lane

Hi everyone.. Hope you are all well... Here's another piece of artwork from me... I call it...

"Stay Home ... take a Nap!"
STAY HOME take a nap 1024x1024 7minute render DONE SIGN.jpg

The fabric on the bed cover (and curtain) are textures I made with the free tulips.. and the girl is Diva for Dawn.. I had a hard time fitting clothes to her so she's wearing a furified version of the Resource Kit Jumpsuit. Gnobbit is also furified. I created this all in DAZ 3Delight! ENJOY!


Hello Aelin! Great to see you posting an entry for this contest! And a lovely one it is! Hope to see more from you!:D
Thank you Agent!
One more will come, but after that I don't know how the schedule will go. Working on some things in 3D world. And after that? Maybe back to job.


Here my second entry
"So scary"

Gnobbit is shocked and flee. He never thought he could meet something cute in the meadow. This is so scary for him!

Pansy, by Lisa Botanicals (Hivewire3D)
Gnobbit, by Ghostman (Hivewire3D)
HiveWire Whisper, by CG Cubed & Chris Creek Art & CWRW & Hivewire3D (Hivewire3D)
The Pale Horses for the Hivewire Horse, by Dreamweaver Designs (Hiverwire3D)
Black Eyed Susan, by Lisa Botanicals (Hivewire3D)
Gogmagog, by Caisson (Hivewire3D) [plants and rock]
Greens for Fallen Tree, by Lisa Botanicals (Hivewire3D)
Fantasy Gazebo, by Christopher Creek Art & Lisa Botanical (Hivewire3d)
Land-Escapes - Mystic Paths vol 1, by IMArts (Hivewire3D)



While working on the last one, the sculpture, which was somewhat complex, I thought that the next one should be simpler. This is it.

Title: Curosity

Spread the Hope free items used:

Lisa's Botanicals - Daylily
Lisa's Botanicals - Blackeyed Susan
Hivewire3d - HouseCat

Other items used:

Kalhh - Buterfly
Cherubit - Vase

Rendered in IRAY (DAZ3D Studio 4.12)



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HW3D Vice President & Queen Bee
Staff member
Heya, folks! Love all of the creativity being shared here!

We have a new addition to the free Stay Home Spread Hope category in the form of Molar Island! It's the perfect place for birds, too!


This was another fun project where Chris started sculpting one of Dawn's molars to create an island. He chopped up the Fallen Tree a bit and we placed the Fantasy Gazebo on top of it. Lisa's Botanicals made trees, grasses and textures and set it all up for Poser and Daz Studio.

Looking forward to seeing how you use it in your renders!