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Stay Home - Spread Hope Render Challenge

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Welcome to the HiveWire forums Agent-0013, and thanks for posting such a lovely render.

As far as the smaller sized render appearing, rather than the full sized render, I'm not sure, as I've not had that issue, but I "think" it happens when you add it as an "Attachment". I believe if you just add a blank line after your last text, and then click on the Insert Image button at the top of the posting area, it will automatically place the full sized image right in your post. At least that's how I've always done it.

As far as getting that fixed for you, I'll have to put my head together with one of the other CVs to see how we can get that done.

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Edited to say: Not sure how to get the image to show at full size. Perhaps someone here can help me learn?

OK, I just took care of it for you, but if this happens again, you can go into Edit mode, and near the bottom where the Attachment is, you can click on the Full Image button. That will take care of it for you.



OK, so I finally read the top of this thread properly (yes, I did have my glasses on first time, but I was in a hurry!) and realised that this is a competition, not just a "thank you" thread. So my two pics yesterday don't count as entries (not enough items used) so here today is my first actual entry.
Every Cat Thinks He's a Tiger
Qualifying items: Hivewire House Cat, Fallen Tree, Greens for Fallen Tree, Bellflower, Pansy.

(Now I just have to go back through the thread and look at all the entries. I couldn't believe how many responses I got to yesterday's pics - what an incredibly friendly place this is!)


Welcome to HiveWire Agent-0013 and MelanieL. I really do love the renders you have created and while I love to see what the long term members come up with it is also good to see work form different artists. I hope you have fun here and dig into some of the other forums there is a lot of great art and valuable ideas here at HiveWire.


Thank you Miss B. This is the best timing for help provision I've seen on the internet. It feels like the way the Fantasies Attic and PFDLives are. I'm a administrator at PFDLives, and many that are here are there as well.

Thanks also for the compliment on my first entry, and the welcome. Don't know why I waited so long to join the HiveWire Forums! LOL


RETIRED HW3D QAV Director (QAV Queen Bee)
Staff member
Welcome to all the new people - loving the renders!

OK, I just took care of it for you, but if this happens again, you can go into Edit mode, and near the bottom where the Attachment is, you can click on the Full Image button. That will take care of it for you.

View attachment 59175

Further note - when you originally create your post, you will see that it has the options to insert a thumbnail or full image. If you click preview instead of immediately posting, you'll find out if it worked right :).


I had fun with several images, and loved a lot of them :D
My little contribution for now (hoping to do more sooner), using a lot of shared freebies for the contest - thank you again :flower04:

"Flowers Cottage"

Flower Fountain and Bird Bath, by kobaltkween & Lisa's Botanicals (Hivewire3D)
Vintage Bicycle, by Anima Gemini (Hivewire3D)
Asiatic Lily, by Lisa Botanicals (Hivewire3D)
Bell Flower, by Lisa Botanicals (Hivewire3D)
Black Eyed Susan, by Lisa Botanicals (Hivewire3D)
Gogmagog, by Caisson (Hivewire3D) [in the left background]
Greens for Fallen Tree, by Lisa Botanicals (Hivewire3D)
Land-Escapes - Mystic Paths vol 1, by IMArts (Hivewire3D) [mixed 2 backgrounds]
New Home for Little Fairy House, by me (on FRM)
Hello Aelin! Great to see you posting an entry for this contest! And a lovely one it is! Hope to see more from you!:D
3 1/2 hours to render this beauty, but it was worth it! (25 separate pieces for this set - about half of which are your freebies.)
I love all your freebies! Thanks, especially for the lovely kitty. I would love to win so I can get the dog and the horse as well.



sriesch, since the product pack was 71% off, making it just $4.99, I had to go ahead and buy it! One of my good online friends helped develop the product pack; David Brinnen. Because of him, I know quite a lot about Bryce 7.1 Pro. Sadly, DAZ 3D has not seen fit to advance that program for over 9 years now. But the good of it is that even though it is only a 32 bit program, what it does is awesome even now. I still use it, and I still discover new things I can do with it.


I haven't had the energy to create any Daz stuff in forever, but I couldn't resist this offer. Thanks so much for these freebees. I've had my eye on the hivewire cat and I love blackeyed susans. This is the first time I've done any work with the LAMH so there have been a few technical hiccups and one crash. No post work save a sharpen filter and adding the furry version of the cat in, I hope to fix Whisper's eye and maybe do a 2nd try at the cat's fur. Maybe I can get everything rendered in one go next time! I'll update the image later if I can. :)