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Songbird Remix's Product Preview Thread

Satira Capriccio

Contributing Artist
She did mention Little Owls eat small birds.

Little Owl Facts

Diet consists primarily of crickets, grasshoppers and other invertebrates such as beetles and earthworms, as well as small mammals (mice, rats, voles, shrews, moles). Small birds are also taken during the breeding season.​

An adult mouse does indeed need to fear the mighty Little Owl!

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
That's an interesting article. Thanks for linking to it, including the little owl calls.

Ken Gilliland

HW3D Exclusive Artist
I'm still steadily working on updates. Some have now been submitted and are being checked for final Quality Assurance.

Here's a list of what I've updates doing so far...
  • Finished but in beta/QAV: Songbird ReMix, SBRM Characters v1, SBRM Threatened v1, SBRM Europe v1, SBRM Pet Shop, SBRM Woodland Jewels
  • New Items; Finished but in beta/QAV: SBRM Characters v2 and SBRM Characters v3. The "Characters" line contains common North American birds such as towhees, grosbeaks, thrashers, kinglets, finches, sparrows and other LBBs (little brown birds).
  • I'm currently finishing up: SBRM Cool & Unusual Birds v1, SBRM Pose Pack v1, and SBRM Sparrows
  • Next on the list... Africa, the other C&U and TEE volumes and more
Yay for Gouldian Finches and yay for an updated SBRM Pet Shop! :D

Is the original Songbird Remix the one with Ruby Throated Hummingbirds or is that the Songbird Remix 2 pack?

Ken Gilliland

HW3D Exclusive Artist
The hummingbird is in the SBRM Second Edition set and will have the specific hummingbird model (from the 2 hummingbird sets) rather than the generic hummingbird morph from the Songbird model. The "Base" Songbird Remix set has cardinals, chickadees, jays, robins, wrens and swallows. Seven new birds will be added to that set for its re-release.


I have a lot of your sets from when you were at DAZ, and I had money to buy, buy, buy. How will I get these upgraded? I probably asked this before, a couple years ago.

I hope it's okay to post this here, if not just let me know. I don't wish to step on any toes! I asked Mary Williams a.k.a. Nightsong a while back to create some hummingbird feeder models for me to use with Ken's hummingbirds and oh wow did she ever deliver!! I thought you might all enjoy them too and maybe, just maybe, they might inspire Ken to move the hummingbirds up on the ole SBRM upgrade to do list ;)

You can find them in her ArtStation store here: Hummingbird Feeders and here's a link to a coupon thingy for either 40% or 60% off those feeders which she told me to make sure to tell you about: Coupon that's good until the end of this year.



HW Honey Bear
Only slightly off topic; There is a mildly hilarious thread on varying interpretations of the Phoenix here:

Never Give a Dead Cat A Flamethrower

It's tumblr, so nothing is dated but as of 11-21-20 it's very near the top of the thread, and goes through several iterations down to the T-Rex version.

Ken Gilliland

HW3D Exclusive Artist
I've received a few messages about what my plans are now that Hivewire has announced that it is closing its store as of January 4th.

At this time, I'm still exploring my options and will announce my decision in a couple weeks. I'm hoping to have all the completed updates I have done over the last 4 months available through the HW store BEFORE its closing (that means December). Those updates include:

Songbird ReMix Base set​
Pose Pack v1​
SBRM Characters v1​
SBRM Threatened, Endangered, Extinct v1​
SBRM European Edition v1​
SBRM Pet Shop​
SBRM Sparrows of the World​
SBRM Woodland Jewels​
I have two new completed sets, SBRM Characters v2 and SBRM Characters v3, that will appear at where ever my new home is. I hope to continue my upgrade policy but that will depend on the vendor I choose to move to and HW. I'll continue my goal of upgrading every SBRM set in my library and hopefully be done by the end of the next year.

Thank-you, Hivewire, for your support and positive energy
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