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Songbird Remix's Product Preview Thread

Ken Gilliland

HW3D Exclusive Artist
I guess so... I haven't heard from Renderosity yet but it looks like the new files are in. I uploaded everything this morning and placed the new art/text on the store pages. Renderosity then replaces the product files with the new ones (some time it takes days). Pelicans (both versions) was also updated-- there was a some geometry issue inside the mouth. I'll make a formal announcement once I'm sure everything is in place

Ken Gilliland

HW3D Exclusive Artist
My guess why "A Bird in the Hand" didn't show up as a new product is because of restrictions Renderosity has on how many new products I can release at the same time. It appears everything is up so I went ahead, set the a 2-week 30% introductory sale for those who don't have these.

Ken _Gilliland's Store on Renderosity


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Ken Gilliland

HW3D Exclusive Artist
I really appreciate that... You'll find that while "A Bird in Hand" does a lot of more than the original did, it does require some work on the users part. Because it has a huge amount of options for what bird you can use (most are different sizes and shapes, add to that the wide variety of human models and shapes), and you'll find that the bird pose will only get you close to its goal... you'll have to fine tune it with trans XYZ to make it perfect with its human counterpart.


Dances with Bees
HW Honey Bear
I can see that it does a lot more just from the promos. Yeah. getting close is as much as anyone can expect from pose sets. I can probably count the times I didn't have to tweak something on one hand.

Ken Gilliland

HW3D Exclusive Artist
With me adding over 30 new parrots to the already crowded "Parrots and Cockatoos (Order Psittaciformes)", I'm considering sub-dividing it into groups. Currently, there are 126 species BEFORE adding in my two current Amazon Parrot sets. I thought I run my idea here and see how it fares, since many of my longtime customers frequent this thread. "True Parrots" (without a parrot type designation) would be left in the base folder but other parrots based on "types" would be sort into subfolders.


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Ken Gilliland

HW3D Exclusive Artist
Looking at what I just posted, the Rainbow Lorikeets (and maybe the Lory) probably would fit in the "Parrotlets & Parakeets" folder. Some of the others might fit into "new" folders but I'm hesitant in creating a new subfolder for just one bird so I'm keeping them in the main folder for now.

Ken Gilliland

HW3D Exclusive Artist
So... I guess I'll go with this format... It's not ornithologically perfect, but it makes sense.

Technically, there are only three "super families" in the Parrot world: True Parrots, New Zealand Parrots and Cockatoos. I still feel that those divisions leave too many parrots in the "True Parrot" group, hence divisions into obvious groups such as Amazons, Conures, Macaws, and Parrotlets & Parakeets.

I'll eventually rework and upload the Renderosity files to work with these new folder assignments (it will take a while)... so in the meantime, here's the new places where everything goes... (if you want to do it yourself)

Yellow-headed Amazons
and eventually my Parrots v5 and 6

All cockatoos and cockatiels
All corellas

Golden Conure
Patagonian Conures
Sun Conure

All lovebirds

All macaws

New Zealand Parrots

Parrotlets & Parakeets
All parakeets
All budgerigars
Crimson Rosella
All lorikeets
All lories
All parrotlets
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Ken Gilliland

HW3D Exclusive Artist
Here's a couple more images from my Amazon parrot sets... you should see v5: Amazons of the World Part 1 released soon and v6: Amazons of the World Part 2 mid October. All three images were created in DS using UltraScenery (first one: Mossy Hollow ecology; other 2, Martin Frost's great Tropics sets)


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