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Some figures I have done.


HW Honey Bear
I just posted my final project for my Fundamentals of 3D (ET24) class over on my own site [www.redhen-publications.com, it's in the Student Work section of the Graphics collection]. We had to use the figure provided by the instructor but we could modify it (I gave it a wig). Everything else we had to build ourselves and do the UV mapping and texturing, as well as the animation itself.

It's a QuickTime.mov so it has to be downloaded, and one needs to have the QuickTime player to run it. I'd have liked to be able to edit the audio, but I turned out not to have anything that would do it. GarageBand wouldn't open the MP3 file, and while iMovie would save out a 20-second clip. It would *only* save out a clip. Not edit one. Any 20-second clip. Take it or leave it. I made do.


Looking for Tate- whose work I absolutely adore.

I've been rerigging/adding morphs to their Bunnygirl for a project I'm planning years in the future, and I realized maybe I should contact them about it being as the main reason why I'm struggling is because of her ears. She's such an awesome model!! And I'm a bit of a fan.

I noticed through hours of internet searching that they're here now. Is there a way to contact them? Does anyone know?


HW3D QAV Queen Bee
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Hi, spearcarrier, and welcome to the Hive! Hard not to be a fan of Tate's :) His and Netherworks' Suzy Q2 and Dude 2 will be coming to the Hive in the not too distant future, and I've moved your post to a thread he started, so he's likely to see it here.

You can also check this thread out:
The Goblin Figure WIP

and if all else fails, pm him : click on inbox at the top right of the forum pages, down to "start a conversation" and start typing in Tate. His name will show up and you can click on it and chat with him :)


Contributing Artist
Welcome to the hive Spearcarrier...Tate does awesome figures. I just love his new goblin character!


Hi everybody! Thank you for the welcome ,and for moving this to a spot that Tate might notice me. (I feel like a fan at a concert, now, throwing my bits out and screaming NOTICE ME!!!!) I was looking at Tate's goblin character last night, going whoah. You can see a real artistic progression from old to new.

Tate, if you read this, this is what's going on. I've been looking around for the better part of 2016 for the perfect anthropomorphic character base. In the end I bought Melody and Micah for A3 and H3 and most likely still will use them, but I've got a drove of hares I'm planning for my project as well. When it comes to style, Bunnygirl is perfect. She's a lot like how I actually or wish I could draw - and where I can get M&M to resemble I just love Bunngirl because of a very important fact: she only has 3 fingers and actual paws for feet.

But her ears aren't boned. This is a problem with M&M, too... and I need animals that can move their ears around and really express themselves. Oh - and Bunnygirl's nose needs it's own material zone as well. =^-^= I barely know legacy rigging, but I did try to add the bones myself only to crash my computer multiple times. So I found myself being forced to rerig her completely - and that meant triax as I am primarily a DAZ user. So now I have a completely rerigged Bunnygirl in my library. Her ears don't bend right - I can't figure out where to but the x and the y and the z - but there she is.

I noticed there was some discussion in this forum about triax, but in my case I've noticed that triax has some important benefits. First of all, when I bring in a morph I can right click and have the bones automatically align. This is important because I'm terrible at modelling. I'm a storyteller not a modeller. Triax rigged characters have smoothing when they bend - pretty darn important to me. And the morphs I can do can be more varied: bigger chests, taller legs, etc.

My long term plans for Bunnygirl will be to add a male morph, and muscles, and some other extreme shapes so I can create a large variety of characters. Maybe a few ear morphs so she can be other animals, too. I've also got to somehow move in her original morphs to the new model. I'm in the middle of another project that's taking too long to complete right now so I'm not overwhelmed by the plans: it might be 5 years before I begin this next story.

But do you want a copy of re-rigged Bunnygirl? I confess one joy I take in doing things like this is sharing them, but with a regigged bunny I can't share her. I'd have to share the obj too and that's a no-go. But you can at least have a copy. Mind you at this time I don't have her ears working right. I really suck at this rigging thing. LOL

It's the holidays and many people are on vacation, so I won't panic if no one can answer me right away.


Contributing Artist
I've moved the posts to a new thread where we can discuss rerigging the figure without putting Tate's thread off track. Posts can now be found here.
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erwhelmed by the plans: it might be 5 years before I begin this next story.

But do you want a copy of re-rigged Bunnygirl? I confess one joy I take in doing things like this is sharing them, but with a regigged b
I would like to see her rig, sure. I might even do a remodel and rig of her myself one day. I've gotten a lot better these past few years. ;) Side note: I made a bunny boy they never got past the rigging stage. ;)


Wait wait... *stutters*... there's a bunny boy? *tears in eyes for the poor lost and forgotten bunny!*

Okay, as soon as I can figure out how I'll bundle her up and PM you for download. I just have to remember where I stuck her obj in my library. LOL.

I think it would be awesome if you reworked her. The morphs I'm planning to add I admit are going to steer her style a bit more anime/zootopia... but that's most of the fun. The only request I have is that you make her so she can still fit her old clothing. I've got a growing library for her. I convert an item at least once a month.