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Yeah, Linda, we'll be here....you hang in there!

Thought I'd share these pics. We just had a quick shower, and a double rainbow appeared briefly at my window, then it faded to a single. I grabbed my camera as quickly as I could :)

The puffy clouds appeared a few days ago. An artist's dream, an aerial view and a big window :)






Doing well here Terre....but I'm hearing that the Covid-19 battle is growing worse out in your direction....hope all is well.

Freebie from Rendo:

Simple Glasses for Genesis 8 Male/Female by GEOmetalics

In the county I'm in it's not that bad. 57 confirmed cases and 1 death. The latter was the mother of one of our Deli employees. She almost certainly picked it up on a trip to Mexico. The company has had a policy in place fpr a couple of months now stating that if an employee bords a comercial flight or goes to Mexico they must self quarantine for 2 weeks before returning to work. The deli employee was nearing the end of her two weeks when her mother was passed. The state health dept wanted all of us tested again because of that employee but my boss finally go tthem to understand that the second time (third for some of us including me) we all got tested (all of us being negative) was a week after she came back from Mexico and she hadn't been allowed back to work yet by company policy so it wasn't necessary. Since there are only 2 grocery stores in th e town both my bosshad asked the state about aranging for all of us to get tested every 2 weeks as a precaution but they said no.


We're under the same sort of thing here...in our case, lockdown, and if we have to go out for an emergency appointment, we have to self quarantine for 14 days. Masks are required at all times and they used to take everyone's temperature as they passed through the entrance gate, but then they went on lockdown altogether to stop the flow of in and out traffic. They didn't want to end up with four high rise buildings full of sick or very vulnerable elderly folks. So far they've done an excellent job of protecting us...since younger folks in the city seem to not have sense enough to even protect themselves, since they won't go home and get out of the street....and of course, if they do get sick, they'll find a way to make it be somebody else's fault. Sounds like you all are being very careful, and very smart. Hang in there Terre....be safe, and be blessed!