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Show us your Mule Deer Renders!

Thank you, everyone. I'm a bit amazed at the responses to this image, here and other places I've posted it, but I'm thrilled so many like it.

Freyfaxi, Miss B is correct about the set: The Harpwood Trail - Mallard Pond, and The Harpwood Trail for Daz Studio; by HowieFarkes. Although the nice looking grass in the foreground is from Hemlock Folly by TangoAlpha. The great lighting is one of the Sunny Skies HDRIs from DimensionTheory's Skies of iRadiance bundle.
Ah-haaaa! I thought it looked very "HowieFarkesish" ;-)
Maybe I am finally growing a "Carrarist eye", since, even though I understand you are using Daz Studio, Howie Farkes, Tango Alpha and Dimension Theory are all vendors really beloved by the Carrara community :)

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
:rofl: You know, I never would've thought of placing the Antlers on Dawn. Thanks for the giggle. :D