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Show us your Mule Deer Renders!


Contributing Artist
Loving those Rae!! Will have to try a few in a bit. Hehe... nice to know horse poses work on the deer too!!

Forest Frolic
Forest Frolic.jpg

Products Used:
HiveWire Mule Deer Buck, Lisa's Botanicals Signs of Spring Crocus flowers, Saffron for Lisa's Botanicals Signs of Spring Crocus model, CWRW's Pose Pack 1 for the Hivewire Horse Lisa's Botanicals Curious Grasses and Vines, BG image is a composite of several different ones from Renderosity's freebie section.
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Satira Capriccio

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I'm impressed by what everyone is doing with the Mule Deer! It's a lovely deer, and a fabulous addition to the HiveWire family.

Re: Watercolor Action

Unless an earlier than CC version of Photoshop is mentioned in a Abode Creative Magazine tutorial, I've learned "Photoshop" refers to Photoshop CC.

The included guide specified the action is compatible with all versions of CC up to CC 2019 and the Photoshop Action set provides an additional 20 brushes and 5 patterns.

The action does run in Photoshop CS5 Extended, and the results are similar enough to what I got from Photoshop CC that I was satisfied. Only a few commands didn't work, but I didn't find that to be a problem with the final result. Other than the texture overlay layer is not set properly, so the final result is covered by the overlay layer. Easy enough to hide that layer. The action is unable to run two commands (Rasterize and Make), which causes the action to stop each time it encounters them, and you have to click continue. Rasterize stopped the action several times, while Make stopped the action once.

CS2 may be missing other features that cause the action not to work at all.

Miss B

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Thanks for the details Satira. At least it's free, so I can try it out and see what happens.