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Show Us Your Dawn Renders!


This is a portrait of my Aurore for Dawn character.
I am updating the mat files to add a little color to her skin.
Rendered in Poser 11 Pro at a high setting in Firefly.
I also fiddled with the material settings for the hair trying to get a better look on it.

View attachment 38136
The skin textures I like the best are imperfect, I use pictures of blemished skin for texturing, freckles still elude me...lol... Course you do much better work then I do to use a bit of butter....lol


Contributing Artist
Kaori shows where we are now - that steep line down the hill after Christmas. Looks familiar?

This uses Body Type-8, Dawn's skinny jeans, "Classic Bunny Suit" shoes, my business blouse + blazer, AnimeDoll's head, and "Animal Anime Pack" ears and tail.


carmen indorato

This was probably not the right thread for this and sorry if it isn't just could not figure out where to ask it.
I am thinking of starting to work with dawn. I have the basic figure and I think a few extras i picked up here but just never used ANY of it due to my huge investment in V4.
I use mostly bare feet or sandals in my work with V4 and got a lot of add-on toes spread/articulation functions for her so the toes can be spread or articulated more realistically like they would be on a real person when either standing normal or on toes. I wondered if Dawn's feet have articulated toes or if there is a morph set for that function I can get as an add-on? Also calf musculature and/or flexing and lower leg thickness morphs?


@Miss B Well, you can attach any head on any body. It doesn't have to be Anime style. For example, today I tried something different, like putting V4's head on Dawn's body, and this is what came up. Used "Body Type-3", "Narrow Shoulders", and the "Mai Tai" dress I bought at Rosity. The rest of the outfit is from my "Diamond Dress". Rendered in Poser with Superfly.

View attachment 43850
there is a bit of fuzz stuck in her belly button, it is driving me nuts....lol fun render...

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Hmmmm, those shoes look awfully familiar, though I usually hide the ankle straps. ;)