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Share your HiveWire Horse Renders Here!


I admit to being partial to Appaloosas. That's what my first & most special horse was. Laurie's Appaloosa coat colors are super realistic!


HiveWire Horse by ChristopherCreek Art, CGCubed & CWRW at HiveWire3D
HiveWire Foal by ChristopherCreek Art, CGCubed & CWRW at HiveWire3D
CWRW Leopard Appaloosas for the HiveWire Horse by CWRW at HiveWire3D
CWRW Blanket Appaloosas for the HiveWire Horse by CWRW at HiveWire3D

SBRM Woodland Jewels (Scarlet Tanager) by Ken Gilliland at HiveWire3D

Blue Skies Beyond the Clouds by PhotoGG at HiveWire3D

Pred Pack Poppies by Predatron at DAZ
Flinks Instant Meadow - Flowers by Flink at Renderosity
Flinks Instant Meadow 2 by Flink at Renderosity
XfrogPlants Europe-1 (Black Alder)
Art Meadows Collection by HilligerMedia at Renderosity

Appy Day
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So lovely-the daisies flecking the grass echoes the beautiful patterns on the appy coats!


Contributing Artist
Green Algae Bloom
Green Algae Bloom SML.jpg

Products Used:
Seahorse for the HiveWire Horse, Seahorse Texture add on, Unicorn textures for the golden eye, Fabiana's Theory of Zen Lights, Sveva's Iray Color Splash Lights, assorted fish from Daz and Ilona, background is Antje - Waterworld BGs, algae particles are created by me in photoshop

carmen indorato

Because it takes me SO long to finish my more complex renders... here is my "cowpoke's horse" ready to go in what I'm working on now...
the yellow color is my 'camp fire lighting' in prep for assembling my cowboy and his horse in fire-lit night scene... I'm proud of my
bedroll I created in Poser with the high rez ball and the morph tool... it's got Fabi's blanket texture with displacement turned off,
and I did post work with bits of the rein to 'tie' the bedroll to the saddle... oh and the horse is reaching for an apple, hence his open
mouth... (to show off this AMAZING true western bridle BIT for one thing! LOL!) I love how the reins allow for individual posing!!

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Nice job on this dear.

carmen indorato

coolness Rae!!

I was messing around in my Poser looking for something to create "saddle bags" for my cowboy scene... and I rediscovered the old Horsefeathers (freeStuff, Rendo I believe, not sure if it's still there) SIDE SADDLE for the P4 horse... well... next thing you know... !! I did lighten the image so you could see it against the default harry coat...
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I gave her this along with several other cool stuff that she lost so she could re-post her stuff. Not sure if she did.
Nice BTW!