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    I thought it would be easier for folks to follow this if there was a singular thread for when PD Howler and PD Artist go on sale at various outlets. That way I could update as I saw a sale for those who are interested, but don't want to pay full price. By the way, there is no affiliate program, so I don't get anything from doing this, I just want to see this wonderful little program gain some traction.

    So to start, for the weekend:

    It's just about Black Friday, but we're starting right now on the savings through the weekend.

    Howler 2019 is 60% off this weekend. Please do us a kindness, and let everyone on your forums and social media know about us. We're a tiny little group of artists trying to help people get there films made and art imagined. Don't keep Howler a secret! Thanks a lot!

    What's new in Howler 2019
    Whats new in Project Dogwaffle Howler

    Get it now
    Buy Howler Digital Painter
    Which means for the newest version of PD Howler it's $24.50, and if you already have an older version of Howler, it's only $14.50 to upgrage.
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    PD Howler 2019 reg. $49 | PD Artist 2019 reg. $27
    Still think you can't afford it? It gets even better:
    YES! you can!
    Year End Holiday Sale! 33% off!
    This sale is automatic, no coupon needed, the coupon is applied automagically.
    If you have a coupon for better discount such as for upgrading from a prior version, use it.
    Click here to select the edition and version you want
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    Well, not sure where to post this, so I'll probably cross post in my Howler thread, too.

    I'm doing a webinar this Saturday, 2 March 2019, sponsored by Digital Art Live, called Tinkering with Textures. It's basically a quick and dirty way to extend your runtime resources. It is geared towards Daz Studio, although the concepts are usable in Poser. And it is going to be pointed more towards the beginner to kinda intermediate user. Basically someone who can't afford a lot of content, or want to get more uses out of they content they have, without just relying on Shaders, but are not content producers, themselves.

    If you know someone who might be interested, they can register right up through Saturday!
    DAZ Studio : Tinkering with Textures | Digital Art Live

    I will be using PD Howler for some of the textures, but am going to try to use GIMP or PS, as well. I'm not very good with them, but for basic work, I should be okay!
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    The webinar when great! Lots of fun and lots of ideas explored.
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    Glad to hear it was a success. :)
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    Sheer Madness - the March promotion


    If you're not using v12 yet, you may want to upgrade now.

    Use this discount code: MMXIXL - 50% off through end of March only. Hurry!

    (Crazy? yeah we thought so too)

    Order here:
    And if you have Howler 2019 (PD Howler 12) there is a free update.
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    If you missed the free day, the Lite version is $22. It doesn't have any animation and a number of filters are cut out.

    Personally, I'd go straight for the Artist version or the Full version, They aren't that much more expensive and the use you get out of them more than makes up for it.

    Planning to add more free videos on YouTube soon to cover some of the new and very exciting additions to PD Howler 2019 (v12)

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