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pd howler

  1. The Grove

    The Grove

    A shaft of sunlight in a springtime grove of trees. PD Howler 2020.
  2. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    Bump and Texture Maps for Ocean in PD Howler or PD Artist 2019-11-16

    A zip file with two maps, a bump map (put it in the main buffer) and a texture map (put it in the swap buffer) for use in PD Howler Puppy Ray or 3D Designer. Play with lighting, colors, etc. Turn off the water plane. Have fun!
  3. Country Bridge

    Country Bridge

    Practicing with PD Howler for an upcoming free webinar. The bridge needs a little work!
  4. Rainbow Kitties-sm

    Rainbow Kitties-sm

    Fuschi and Azi out to play, dappled light and butterflies make their day!
  5. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    Project Dogwaffle Howler and Artist Sales

    I thought it would be easier for folks to follow this if there was a singular thread for when PD Howler and PD Artist go on sale at various outlets. That way I could update as I saw a sale for those who are interested, but don't want to pay full price. By the way, there is no affiliate program...
  6. Rough Shoals-sm

    Rough Shoals-sm

    I can't decide whether this needs a dragon or a mermaid
  7. The Wall

    The Wall

    Long ago a wall was built to separate the two parts of the city. Very few remember why the wall was built centuries ago, but what was once built to keep apart, has over time become a bridge to bring the separate parts together.
  8. The 3 Great Waters

    The 3 Great Waters

    A rocky basin holds the waters of three great lakes. The blight blue waters like blue topaz in a verdigris setting.
  9. Alien City2

    Alien City2

    An Alien city built along the shores of an ancient lake.
  10. Boat To Golden Island-sm

    Boat To Golden Island-sm

    PD Howler 11.2 My first time painting a boat! And didn't use a reference! lol.
  11. The Green Forest

    The Green Forest

    Digital Painting in PD Howler. Limited Pallette
  12. Three Amigos-Sunset-sm

    Three Amigos-Sunset-sm

    Inspired by Homeward Bound. HiveWire Shetland, BigDog, HouseCat. My background painted in PD Howler
  13. Lilacs


    PD Howler 11
  14. Out Of The Clouds

    Out Of The Clouds

    Taji for Dawn Elemental Elves Daz Studio and PD Howler Made for a render challenge in Daz Studio Addicts on FaceBook. "Flying Animals"
  15. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    PD Howler

    Thought I would throw up a thread here for people who have questions and suggestions about Project Dogwaffle Howler (PD Howler) and PD Artist (also, PD Particles). I'm happy to answer, or find the answers for you. There is a 20% (I think) discount on the webinar in January right now (Digital Art...
  16. Inktober-17


    Slowly catching up.
  17. Inktober-16


    Figuring out settings to do Silk/Fire Mandallas in PD Howler
  18. Inktober #14

    Inktober #14

  19. Inktober #13

    Inktober #13

  20. Inktober #12

    Inktober #12