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pd howler

  1. Northern Lights at sea.jpg

    Northern Lights at sea.jpg

  2. Cyber City.jpg

    Cyber City.jpg

    JSPLacement and PD Howler
  3. Islands Coast.jpg

    Islands Coast.jpg

    PD Howler. Combining the new Sky Rendered, 3d Designer and PuppyRay, with post work in... PD Howler!
  4. 4th July.jpg

    4th July.jpg

    Image I did for Independence Day, USA Daz and PD Howler
  5. Success-Schweitzer.jpg


    PD Holwer
  6. Cloud Unicorn Quote2.jpg

    Cloud Unicorn Quote2.jpg

    NightCafeAI, HiveWire Horse/Unicorn, DazStudio, PD Howler The quote ended up a little hard to read. Oh, well, learned something for next time!
  7. Roses- Quote.jpg

    Roses- Quote.jpg

    NightCafe AI and PD Howler.
  8. My Favorite Vacation.jpg

    My Favorite Vacation.jpg

    Created for a contest at DA FlowScape and a little PD Howler - because you have to have PD Howler!
  9. Alpine Mountais

    Alpine Mountais

    PD Howler Just doing a little practice.
  10. ShadowSong-Asamar.


    Original Character Commission.
  11. On the Path to Halloween

    On the Path to Halloween

    HiveWire3d Luna (Frilled Dress) HiveWire3d Horse (Unicorn, Frisian, Shetland) HiveWire3d Housecat (Catula, Siamese, Homelife Kitten Poses) Bewitching Hat Storybook Pumpkin Harkwood Trail Rendered in Daz Studio Postwork in PD Howler (Fireflies)
  12. Sailboat 4

    Sailboat 4

    Image from upcoming Water Webinar - Setting the Scene
  13. Tropical 3

    Tropical 3

    PD Howler - Puppy Ray
  14. Old Volcano Island

    Old Volcano Island

    PD Howler -Puppy Ray, no post work except denoising.
  15. Island Volcano

    Island Volcano

    PD Howler - Puppy Ray, no post work.
  16. Big Splash

    Big Splash

    PD Howler - Puppy Ray with Post work in PD Howler
  17. The Grove

    The Grove

    A shaft of sunlight in a springtime grove of trees. PD Howler 2020.
  18. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    Bump and Texture Maps for Ocean in PD Howler or PD Artist 2019-11-16

    A zip file with two maps, a bump map (put it in the main buffer) and a texture map (put it in the swap buffer) for use in PD Howler Puppy Ray or 3D Designer. Play with lighting, colors, etc. Turn off the water plane. Have fun!
  19. Country Bridge

    Country Bridge

    Practicing with PD Howler for an upcoming free webinar. The bridge needs a little work!
  20. Rainbow Kitties-sm

    Rainbow Kitties-sm

    Fuschi and Azi out to play, dappled light and butterflies make their day!