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PoserPython: Selecting Node(s) In The Material Room ?


I'm writing a few wacros to add useful node groups, and I want to ensure that all the nodes that are created are 'selected' so that they can be easily repositioned as a group by hand after the script has done.

I've checked the Shader Tree Methods and Shader Node Methods sections of the PoserPython manual and can't see any way to select a node or group of nodes.

On the off-chance that the relevant function exists but was never documented, I've tried using node.Selected(1) and node.SetSelected(1) - but the functions don't exist.

I've also noticed that none of the nodes created by existing wacros are selected after running the wacro, which doesn't seem promising...

Gadget Girl

Contributing Artist
I couldn't find a poser command for this either, but in looking it occurred to me that this might be more of a WxPython thing than a Poser thing. If I understand you, your script creates n nodes. Now you want to select those n nodes. But you're not really selecting the 'node' but the UI that corresponds to the node. I'm not that great with WxPython, but if you can figure out if the think you drag in the material room window is a frame, or window, or palette or whatever in WxPython, you might be able to select the last n frames drawn.

Does that make sense?


Yes it does, and it's an interesting thought. But unfortunately I've never even got a basic WxPython Poser script to work (although I did have a bit of luck with a tkInter Poser "Hello World" once!), so there's a huge hurdle for me to leap before I can even try what you suggest.