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  1. HaiGan

    Poser & DS Winter Hooves for the HiveWire3D Horse 1

    Poser and DS materials to give Harry a spot of seasonal bling
  2. 3dcheapskate

    Possibly Unexpected Ways To Use Nodes

    Have you ever found an interesting, and possibly unusual or unexpected, way to use any of the material room nodes ? If you have then please share :) I'll start. The Cellular node (New Node > 3D Textures > Cellular) has given me several pleasant surprises. The first one is that if you set mode...
  3. 3dcheapskate

    Animatable LED Counters, Clocks, Etc, Using The Material Room

    While trying to get a grip on the Du, Dv, dPdu, dPdv, dNdu and dNdv I created a very simplistic 'ten digit visualizer' in the Poser material room. The MT5 is posted on ShareCG here Ten Digit Visualizer (Poser MT5) - Poser - ShareCG if anybody wants to play. In the comments on that ShareCG page...
  4. 3dcheapskate

    PoserPython: Selecting Node(s) In The Material Room ?

    I'm writing a few wacros to add useful node groups, and I want to ensure that all the nodes that are created are 'selected' so that they can be easily repositioned as a group by hand after the script has done. I've checked the Shader Tree Methods and Shader Node Methods sections of the...