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  1. E

    New directory of free Poser 12 scripts

    There's a new directory page for free Poser 12 scripts, with links. Here.
  2. Ken1171

    RELEASED Scatter Tool II Python Script for Poser 12

    ~Scatter Tool II Python Script for Poser 12~ **REQUIRES Poser 12.0.396 or newer. The Scatter Tool II brings a new level of automation when scattering objects into your Poser scenes. Check some of the new features below. Ever wanted to scatter objects at random on a scene, like grass, rocks...
  3. Ken1171

    RELEASED IK Manager Python Script for Poser 12

    ~IK Manager~ (Python Script for Poser 12) ** Requires Poser 12.0.396 or newer Ever wanted to use more IK (Inverse Kinematics), but found it cumbersome, and hard to reach in Poser? The IK Manager P12 brings all your Inverse Kinematic needs to one single, easy to reach panel. Now you can quickly...
  4. Ken1171

    RELEASED LockMaster Python Script for Poser 12

    ~LockMaster Python Script for Poser 12~ **REQUIRES Poser 12.0.396 or newer. LockMaster is a brand new way of automating the locking, resetting, zero posing, or toggling visibility of 1 or multiple body parts on a figure with 1-click. Traditionally, Poser makes it hard to lock body parts...
  5. Semicharm

    ReplaceTexture utility for Poser

    Working on mats and shaders in Poser can be a hassle, having to go through every material to change the texture references. I finally got around to writing a small utility that lets you quickly replace every reference to a texture on the current figure or prop. You can repeat for as many...
  6. 3dcheapskate

    PoserPython: Selecting Node(s) In The Material Room ?

    I'm writing a few wacros to add useful node groups, and I want to ensure that all the nodes that are created are 'selected' so that they can be easily repositioned as a group by hand after the script has done. I've checked the Shader Tree Methods and Shader Node Methods sections of the...