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Poser License Manager


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I have no idea how this license manager really works.
When we moved here at the beginning of this year, we was without internet for a while (can not recall anymore how long) because we had to downgrade our contract from Glass fiber to
ADSL :somad: (Here is Glass fiber not covered yet) and was waiting for the new ADSL Livebox because the Glass fiber Livebox did not work here . So to escape the boring in the evening I launch Poser as soon my PC was installed ..and Poser did not work and ask for Internet connection. It was just after 2-3 days we moved here. And I remember 2 days before the moving I open Poser in the evening to play a bit around and relax from the stress of cartons packing :). So it was just a time frame from maximum 4-5 days Poser checked license and stopped working. Honestly, I find it disappointing.
Hope they will change this.


Oh, I would be willing to pay 20 Dollars for Poser with the calling home "feature" - but not more. 50 Dollars would be too much in my eyes.

I don't think I would have paid the $49 I did if it had not been for the fact it had superfly.


I upgraded to 11 so that I could deal with Hivewire3D figures, whenever I can get back to doing this stuff. I don't think I'll be able to upgrade again, though, due to limited funds.