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Discussion in 'Across the Community' started by Lyne, Mar 25, 2018.

  1. Hornet3d

    Hornet3d Dances with Bees

    No good building catalogues if the stuff is not in your runtimes to use. Runtimes must come first and then having fun creating art has to be next.
  2. Poser fun? I have distant memories of it being fun. Very distant, at this point. Those were the days... LOL
  3. Hornet3d

    Hornet3d Dances with Bees

    Luckily I have never had to build my runtimes from scratch but with the amount of content most people have I can well understand it must be a daunting task. It is something I dread, hence my multiple backup procedures in the hope I will never have to do so. It is a real shame though when, for whatever reason, the mechanics of a hobby distract from the fun of the hobby.

    I used to build computers but these days all I want to do is switch them on and have them work, the building is no longer fun for me so I dread to think what I would do if I had to rebuild my runtimes from nothing.
  4. The last time I had to re-build my runtimes, I hadn't been in the hobby relatively long and had a lot less content. Way more daunting now... Especially since I'm trouble-shooting everything before it gets final install be cause I want lean, mean trouble-free, and DS-clutter-free Poser runtimes.
  5. Hornet3d

    Hornet3d Dances with Bees

    I can understand that, I custom install everything and strip out any DS specific content. I also strip out the readme files and the templates, they are still saved and backed up but they are separate to my runtimes.
  6. I put all documents, including readmes, licenses, tutorials, and so on in a "Readme" folder named for the product. I do delete most templates (they take up too much space and I usually save my own any way). Each product having a folder prevents older products' that have generic name of "readme.txt" over-writing each other, for one thing.

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