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MEC4D - Creations for Dawn2 , work in progress


Only just found this thread...love what you're doing Cath! Looks fantastic!
Thank you Pen , lovely of you to drop in . Happy you like it .
I tested some morphs yesterday on Dawn2 and looked great. I loved how the African morph actually created additional ethnicity looks as the slider go up. I did not made yet the skin, but playing with my temporary painted textures ( no iray shaders or SSS just base 3DL ) once I have the iray shader set up and proper textures , it gonna looks realistic and great. I used here slider on 68% , kinda dark and old school look of the renders, but hey just a work in progress after all. I still need to work on her eyes ( eyelids) excuse the prop hair just for visualization .


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    Screenshot 2021-02-19 175844.jpg
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My pleasure to look Cath! I really love what you're doing. Being able to mix and match slider dials is really useful also.