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Lyne is in the Hospital!


Lyne is still in limbo, waiting for the surgeon to get time to remove the cancerous mole on her back. If she doesn't hear by the end of the month she will call to find out what the hold up is. Lyne added: I know he is a good surgeon, but Gee Whiz, I'm tired of waiting, it is causing a lot of anxiety.

She did discover iPhone coloring books, to relax with and do some art. :)

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Send her our good thoughts that this is resolved sooner, rather than later.

I'm glad to hear she's doing some art, as that will help her.


Contributing Artist
Thanks for the heads up! The waiting part can be taxing. It's important to keep the mind occupied, and it's great she got that part covered.


Waiting and the fear of the unknown I think covers most people worries most of the time. I hope the op goes forward soon, at least that will be one less worry. My thought and prayers are with here and I am glad she has found and outlet for her creative skills.


Just stumbled on this thread. Lyne, I hope you get your surgery soon. Malignant melalomas are not a pleasant thing to have. I hope it is still in an early stage. If it is still localized it will be just a simple excision. We will all be here to support you.


HW Honey Bear
Apparently I am still signed in, so here I am very early in the am... STILL no surgery and am VERY disillusioned in the General Surgeon so I’m going to call my UCSD wound surgeon and say so, and tell himimI want a Scripps skin cancer surgeon! FYI it’s a slow growing Basel Carcinoma.... still waiting this long is ridiculous ! I’ll ask if my wound care doctor (whom I like) if he wants me to call Scripps or does he want to- but I’ll be very clear as to what I want! A surgeon who has experience and knowledge of my particular need!! My anxiety is really awful with this waiting and I deserve to get this surgery behind me!!
Thanks again for your kind thoughts- I truly appreciate them!!!


HW Honey Bear
PSS Scripps is the very first place where the doctors and nurses are so good and helpful!! Also in San Diego there is a company of home care specialist nurses that can come to my home and change my bandages, help with physical therapy and even counseling! All taking great care for my fragile immune system!