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Just for Fun - [GameTime]


I LOVED Tinkertoys! And Spirograph and Little Kiddles.

Anyone here played Risk? I spent many an hour in my youth playing that. Got into a game with my brother and his friends that was was going on for two days straight. Then he read the rules and turned out we missed one important rule and the game finished quickly after that.
I have played Risk in the past and I do remember having Spirograph and here is me thinking I never had many games or toys as a kid.


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No idea what Little Kiddles or Risk are....but I've both Spirograph and Super Spirograph sitting up on a top shelf in the art equipment section of my closet. Still get them out occasionally.


Whilst waiting for my 5th Grandchild to come into the world ( he/she is now overdue! )

getting ready for the 800km+ road trip for when it happens.

how many toys that baby has do you know? ( of course they were all modeled in Carrara :) )