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Just for Fun - [GameTime]


of course I rendered this in Carrara..... :applause:

anyways just a bit of fun for all... and testing out your knowledge/memory :bee:

Game time?

Most people will only I.D. four of the TV shows these machines are in.. can you get the 8 shows these 9 machines are from?
Yes 2 are from one show.... this is hard!


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I've got the easy ones: Batman and Beverly Hillbillies. And Thunderbirds, I assume?
Not sure about the others. Is there a Johnny Quest thing there?


Thunderbirds, Beverly Hillbillies and Batman are the pretty obvious ones.... then it may start to get harder :eek:
You are thinking along the right lines for one of them.. ;)

Clue time: here's a theme clue for the two that comes from one show... but which two :confused:



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Well my hubby was on the right track with no.7 he said it looked like it was something from Hanna-Barbera :D


A few more have been worked out ... over on the Carrara Board...

so between here and there there is one ( No.4 ) elusive machine yet to get..
Clue - cartoon series in the mid 60's



I was thinking #4 was Jonny Quest. I can't think of any other cartoons that far back anymore. I was between the ages of 10 and 19 in the 60's so that's a big gap!!

Now that I look more at #8, are you sure that's from VTTBOS? I like #4 since it has the little round viewports on the front for looking out while they're under water. #8 has the look of a land base vehicle. I'm probably wrong, but that's just my opinion.
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yep.. 100%

I modeled that a few years ago, it was probably the least seen sub in the series... after the flying sub and the dive bell..

Number 4 is stumping everyone...

I did do a render of it and posted it in the 'I just wanted to post an image' thread... can't remember which page... but the answer is there lol

clue: it was one of the first color anime cartoons to be shown in a dubbed form in the U.S., and later in Australia and the United Kingdom.


Noooouuuuu! Me too... I loved The Impossibles but thought of The Jetsons for n°7 instead.
Just got the Batmobile and Thunderbirds (maybe because of the writing on the vehicle).
Well, at least I could tell about this when people thinks I watch too much animation... ;-)