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I Just Wanted to Post an Image Thread


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~Even the Smallest II~

J.R.R.Tolkien applied to Star Wars, where even the smallest one can change the world. Image composed with Stable Diffusion and Paintshop.



Wolff Playing with Beez!
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So after my attempts to get some characters made for L'Homme I'm at my wits end with all my efforts getting me not very far so while I'm very proud of my hard work my characters for him sit languishing at 'Rosity for the most part. My biggest sales to this day remain stuff I've done for HiveWire so the other day, as I'm contemplating creating yet another character for LH (a Latin named Eliezer after my room mate and dear friend) I decided to do something easy... yea right, nothing I do is easy. Remember Sora for Dawn? Remember the Tenacity Tails for her and Dawn? I do, I still think it's the best hair style that's been released by HiveWire. So while I did make an expansion pack for it, the pack was just for DAZ Studio and only offered 24 color mat options. SO I decided to expand the pack and make it an even 50 and do this for Poser as well. I'm also seriously considering offering some fits for LH and LF as well as Dawn 2 if she ever gets here!

Here is L'Homme wearing the TT's and is wearing the Hippie Skirt from jroulin retextured to match the hair. I know the tails are a bit too feminine for males but I've a feeling I can restructure the tails to be moved via ZBrush, now I don't know if the morphs will continue to work but it's something I will probably investigate as I move this project forward.

Update: so the tails can not be restructured to work. The whole thing, including morphs would have to be redone so that's too much for an older product like this. I'll still make fits for LH and LF just for the heck of it.

LH TTs-w Floor.jpg
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