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I Just Wanted to Post an Image Thread


@Riccardo great to see a Carrara render ..... with chocolate and bunnies :) :flower03:

and space :alien:

talking of bunnies.....


Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Grabbed it at Renderosity earlier, and then saw your post about the update, so downloaded it again.


That Grey Havens set has two optional sea meshes; I've recently noticed that the "auto-tiled" one shows grid lines if viewed near orthogonally. I also spotted UV smearing near the corner of the steps of the pier. I'm working on it. Hopefully, there will be a Grey Havens SR3 before long. Test render of new water material (and re-mapped steps):
Cycles water test 3C.jpg

The skiff (the small sailboat) has been rebuilt, with a lap-straked hull (like that of the grey ship); I suppose I'll release the updated skiff also.


I've re-modeled the Withywindle ferry, giving it a lap-straked hull, UV-unwrapping the railing scrollwork, etc. The boat itself looks OK, but I don't like the bow wave - or even the harbor water at this angle of camera and sun.

Harry stands in the central well.

Withywindle ferry Cycles water 4C.jpg


Six times I had to go back into Silo because of losing the UVs of some part of the ferry. Now I'm working on the water material setup.

Withywindle ferry, with optional bow wave...
A3 Sylfie on the ferry with Harry 15a T.jpg

Harry standing in the central well...
A3 Sylfie on the ferry with Harry - closeup.jpg

The skiff at the Grey Havens pier...
elven skiff at Grey Havens 15a C.jpg


On this day, 103 years ago, Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen lost his life following a dramatic dogfight over the Somme River on 21st April 1918...

modelled & rendered in Carrara

One of the museums I worked at years ago had some items of his on display as a short term loan from another museum... It was an amazing experience to be able to touch a physical piece of that history!