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I Just Wanted to Post an Image Thread


Lots of LoRez Lorenzos, Lorettas and also plenty of PhilW's city folk visiting a Leaning Tower....

Rendered in Carrara.... notice flock formations and Dawn also used :inverted:
Leaning Tower modeled in Carrara and available at ShareCG



Contributing Artist
I should be making poses and saving some money for my wishlist here but I got distracted,...I'm sorry....don't know what came over me.
Plushies 2.0, Pounce the Puma. Rendered in DazStudio out of the box. Pose and expression is my own.
Wellll,....I have to practice in Daz don't I.....;):)



If there was one aspect of Turlough’s planet and era that Caoimhe liked it was the ability to drive and the cars that were available. On her home planet personal cars had been banned for years, it made sense as anything personal usually spent the vast majority of their life not being used but needing a place to be parked all the same. Community transport ran full time and therefore needed little as regards parking giving more space and more efficient travel.. The downside was there was little chance to drive, something Caoimhe greatly missed having had the opportunity to do so. The raw nature of the beast meant that any car needed to be tamed, particularly the ones Caoimhe liked to drive. The direct nature of the control thrilled her and there was little in her own time that could provide a similar experience.

The downside, well there always had to be one, was she felt slightly guilty in that she was helping to pollute the planet and therefore, in theory adding to it’s demise. In theory but not in practice she thought as time travel allowed one to know the future and she knew the planet to be doomed but not by pollution but by the hatred between different cultures that had been stirred up over the decades. It was strange to her that such hatred could apparently be put on hold for an event Turlough’s people called Christmas. Why she asked herself, if they could put it on hold for a celebration, would they they not do the same to save the planet but the future was the future.

It still left Coaimhe wondering what Turlough thought of her thrill of driving, it was his planet she was killing after all, at least to him. Strangely it was Christmas when she found the answer to that particular question.

Christmas Present HW.jpg


She was taking her time getting ready so it was just as well there was almost an hour before they needed to leave. Rather than dressing Caoimhe found herself thinking more and more of the weekend and where it might be leading, or not leading as the case may be. Turlough had certainly not spared any expense, a weekend discovering the capital of his land, a show one night a dance the next finishing up with a meal on the final night. He had planned it all in secret and she was really enjoying the long weekend. The only ...what was the term his people used....'fly in the ointment' was ..... separate rooms. Was it, she wondered, just his ways as a gentleman or was there more to it than that.

Hotel Bedroom Thoughts HW.jpg


our koala population has been decimated by the bushfires that continue to burn burn burn

rendered in Carrara

We have seen clips of this in the news, it is sad when any animal suffers but when it is the Koalas it seems to pull at the heart strings all the more.