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I Just Wanted to Post an Image Thread


My trainer at the gym got me into boxing, and I even have my own boxing gloves. Never thought I would do it at my, ~cough, cough~ advanced age ~cough, cough~, but we do boxing about once a month, and it's fun.
Boxing is a great work out, and in my opinion a lot more fun when used for fitness rather than competitions. I feel the same about any martial discipline. Being in the highly experienced age bracket is pretty common in a lot of martial arts. An extreme example was the Grandmaster of Bagua. When I saw him he was 113, and still doing intensive demonstrations of Bagua techniques and weapons. I'm glad you like boxing because there are a lot more benefits from practicing it than just strength and stamina.


Thank you, Miss B! I love these characters by Seven (SV7) and I've managed to build up quite a collection of them. I only wish I could come up with enough ideas to do them all justice! :wub:


She was sure the cave entrance had not been there days before, the disturbance she felt last night must have been an earth tremor which had moved the rocks that had filled the entrance. She knew she should return to the ship for some diagnostic kits and scanners but her curiosity was too strong. She used the only thing she had close to hand, a flare and stepped into the cave.

Tomb of the old HW.jpg

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