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I Just Wanted to Post an Image Thread

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
We're supposed to have a rainy Sunday up here as well tomorrow. I'm liking Woody. He'd make a great game character.


For the last seven years Caoimhe had been angry at the world and, with the exception of her family, most the time at least, she was angry with those around her. No one stay close for long as she was just not fun to be around. No one except Turlough, despite the fact she had tried scare him away he stayed, not only that but the more she tried to put him off the more determined he appeared to hang on.

For the first time since..........no she would not open that sorrowful memory, not here, not now, she felt at peace, the flowers were stunning and the air filled with a scent she that reminded her of her childhood. Earlier on the walk Turlough had tried to hold her hand causing her to jump and instinctively pull her hand away. Now, sometime later she gently slipped her hand over his hoping he would not repeat her rejection, instead he turned to look at her, the surprise and joy in his eyes made her feel like a love sick teenage. Yes, for this brief moment at least she was at peace with everything and everyone.

Moonpath HW.jpg