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How The Hivewire Horse (harry) Came To Be.


So I had a few minutes in between things and thought I would pull out our Deer Family again and see where I need to go from here. Def still WIP but now I have a good feeling where it needs to go next at least:) The product includes a buck, doe and fawn- this is the (static object) Buck. I haven't really done anything yet on the tail yet.

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Awesome! So looking forward to this!!


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How is this little guy coming along? Would soooo love to have her.
It still needs the rigging to be fine tuned, but won't worry about that until Laurie is back on this one. She's juggling a ton of projects right now, bless her heart. I do know she plans to get back on this lil' fella though.

Laurie would have a better answer for your I'm sure.


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How is this little guy coming along? Would soooo love to have her.

Sorry for taking so long to see and reply to this! Life has been a bit hectic this summer:)

Thistle is def in the works- he/she will be sharing some various maps with the Deer Family who is also well underway texture-wise. Needless to say I got a bit sidetracked by the Daz deal a goodly part of this summer, but I do want to see Thistle and the Deer Family out before the holidays if we can do it. I am also working on a "fantasy" white stag texture set for the Deer family- of course the Deer Family and Thistle also share the same UV's as the HW Horse so lots of interesting possibilities there:) Once I get the textures done they need to be rigged etc so, will of course depend too on Chris and Paul's schedules as well. Def these guys and the Lion are on my own priority list for new HW animals to get done this year.


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I'm reallly excited and looking forward to the white stag texture!!

There was a proud and noble stag in shadow wood was born.
And there he grew and there he met and loved a unicorn.

The name of the ballad is The Hunting Destiny.


Oh, I would really dig some deer. The most recent in that animal family that I have is the SilverKey 3D Fawn which is getting long in the tooth itself, not to mention the Daz Buck....we NEED these animals. Keep em comin'! :D


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Also I am hoping we can have the Unicorn features work too with the Deer Family- we'll see! (I did mention this/ask at one point and I think Chris and Paul said likely possible) but I won't promise at this point because I am not the one to make that decision if they will work. But would sure be uber cool! (Would love to see the Unicorn horn and beard for sure, and maybe unicorn tail too since the Deer Family IS essentially a "breed" morph of the HW Horse). But again will depend on Paul/Chris.


can I ask that care be taken on uvmapping to accommodate anisotropic U and V direction. Meaning all hair (Mane and Tail) are facing the same direction on the diffuse map. Both 3DL (uber Surface) and Iray use the uv direction. I must add that this should have been thought at the time to keep up with the technology. Granted the coat would have to stay the same as the only way of doing it would be to have all the legs split off...too much work without much gain.