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HiveWire Mule Deer


Dream Weaver Designs
Contributing Artist
Oh man! Can't wait to get my hands on this, I keep thinking the Ivory mats I did for the Unicorn would look amazing transferred over and with appropriate foliage


Interesting and fanciful to see vegetation growing on a deer's antlers. There are a plethora of fantastic and unusual antler and horn shapes amongst the prehistoric relatives of deer that you can put vegetation on - the truth is often stranger than fiction. I think a simple 3 horn/antler type would be nice to grow your leaves and shoots on and none is more interesting than these two, one with a slingshot on the nose and the other with a spike at the back of the head. They also look good as is without any vegetation growing on them.

tricornatus, (Family Proroceratidae, a distant relative of the Deer Family, Cervidae)

Cranioceras unicornis, (Family Paleomerycidae, a precursor of the Cervidae)

carmen indorato

How is the texturing seen for this antler to branch/twig set combo? Antler ia bone of sorts and twigs/branches are wood. Transition?


Contributing Artist
Not sure what the base texture will be (except wonderful) but I bet others will come up with all kinds of wonderful stuff as well


Contributing Artist
Could we also have some flowers?
And maybe an antler crown for human(oid)s based on this?
So we could have all kinds of spirit marches for every season?


HW3D President
Staff member
Will there be a White stag texture for this model? My Wife was asking about that. She is getting to 3D rendering.
Wouldn't that look cool. I'm picturing that as well. All variations of white on the antlers, branches and leaves too. But... that is Laurie's department.

Satira Capriccio

Contributing Artist
Regarding smaller leaves, could that be an option when the texturing is done?

Are all the leaves the same size now? I like the idea of ransom smaller leaves, or having the leaves toward the end of the branches being smaller (as newer leaves would be, right?)

Roses? Ick! Sorry about that, but I am not a fan of roses (or diamonds). I was thinking flowers like the starweed flowers. Little glittering gems hidden within the twigs and branches.

Although, those leaves look like Ivy? One doesn't usually think of flowering ivy, but ivy does have flowers, and berries too.