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RELEASED HiveWire Gorilla From Dusk Underway!

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Oh, you just HAD to give him that idea Rae, didn't you. I can JUST imagine what he's going to come up with. :rofl:


Contributing Artist
Well if it was me, I'd just type in "Female Gorilla" and leave it at that, anything more...:whistling:


Contributing Artist
lol...gorilla boobs...who would have thunk?

@Chris, is the female gorilla a morph of Dawn? If so anyone who wanted to create a caricture gorilla could using some of her morphs with it maybe?


HW Honey Bear
I have a couple of pics so far of WIP with Poser dynamic fur on the ape. :)

I just found this post, Tiny... MY fur is not this THICK on the gorilla (Poser 2014) Am I doing something wrong? my fur is so thin, I have to double the final render in photoshop and even do some post so the outline of the body does not show between the hairs.

carmen indorato

When my nephew was a baby i found him in my room skimming through my stack of playboy magazines. I opened the mag to the foldout and excitedly pointed to the breast and shouted with incredibly joy:
"Zio! Nennies!"
He was two yers old and still breast feeding for comfort at the time so breastssss were a wonderful luxury for him and i guess seeing them on someone other than mmmmy and in print was an exciting moment.
I guess as a child it was a good moment I just wish I had outgrown some of that excitement so I gotta say I prefer the biguns Chris! Please leave the option for their use in pplace. lso would be nice including a pregnant morph for her.


Contributing Artist
Thanks Chris for the answer...I felt that it would probably have been done that way which will provide ultimate versatilaty with the female gorilla. I'm looking forward to her release.