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    Okay, so this is brining out my inner anthropology nerd. So you have been warned, primate rant to follow.

    And yes, I fully appreciate that Tarzan is a work of fiction, but interestingly, The Jungle Book has a somewhat better kernel of truth at the start of the story. There have been many cases of 'wild children' raised by animals other than humans, although some of these cases have turned out to be hoaxes. However, is has happened that young children have survived with wolves, and there are some cases where it appears they also survived with monkeys.

    Now to be fair to Edgar Rice Burroughs, he does say that the Apes that raised Tarzan are a species unknown to science, so wether they would be more Gorilla like or Chimpanzee like could be debated (and both are great apes). Gorilla's seem an unlikely choice to raise a human child, especially a male one. Gorilla's live in a harem society, with one adult male and lots of females. Young males are driven out as they approach adolescence. These young males then go out and try to find another harem with an aging male they can kill or drive out. When a male take over a harem he kills any baby males in the harem.

    Chimpanzees on the other hands are a whole other matter. Actually, there are too distinct species of chimpanzee. The bonobo, or pygmy chimpanzees are actually just a little bit closer to humans that the classic chimpanzees that you usually see used in movies and the like. The main difference between bonobos and the classic chimpanzee is in social behavior. As one professor I had put it, "The bonobos are the make love not war chimpanzees." Both kinds of chimpanzee live in large troops, but bonobo life is pretty much governed by sex. They use it for just about every social situation, including to resolve conflict.

    On the other hand the classic chimpanzee tends to be much more aggressive. Classic chimpanzee groups have been known to fight each other, and will also hunt and kill other monkeys for food. They are lead by an alpha male, and they tend to resolve things with violence. When you see a chimpanzee in the movies, it's almost certainly a classic chimpanzee, and is also not full grown. As smart as they are, they just become too aggressive to be used in movies.

    But, it is conceivable that either group of chimpanzee might raise a human male child. And since bonobos weren't really known about by Europeans until after the first Tarzan stories were written, maybe the bonobos are the Mangani group of ape's the Burroughs made up. Or, you know, it's fiction, maybe they are just a fictional group of apes that never existed at all.

    Okay, anthropology rant done.
  2. Lorraine

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    I do like a nice rant :)
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  3. Guy Conrad

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    I'm enjoying my update! Of course everybody knows the handsome Mr. Gorilla can use all of Dusk's poses, right? This can get humorous. cloud thinking.jpg
  4. Gadget Girl

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    You almost made me sputter coffee all over my laptop.
  5. Alisa

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    LOL, Guy!
  6. Guy Conrad

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    Chimpanzees, in spite of their hideous strength, somewhat intelligence, and ferocity, just do not look as majestic as a gorilla for art or movies, so it doesn't matter. Their flat heads and very large ears tend to make them look goofy, even though they are extremely dangerous and can grow to 6 feet. They used a full grown one in the silent version of The Thief of Bagdad, I think. A juvenile can bite your hand off, or tear your arm off with ridiculous ease. Rick Baker tried to combine elements of both Chimp and Gorilla for "Greystoke" and called them "fantasy apes".
    Also, there is a difference between "gorilla" and "King Kong". They aren't really the same. See if you can tell which is which in my sculptures up there. Shouldn't be hard. There's a theory I happen to agree with that King Kong is a prehistoric ape that is *like* a gorilla.
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  7. Guy Conrad

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    :) Thank you for nice feedback, Gadget Girl and Alisa. I was busy being pedantic, so I'm slow on the uptake.
  8. Lyne

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  9. Miss B

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    Well I had the same reaction though in my case it would've been lemonade. :) Nice render Guy.
  10. Faery_Light

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    I really can't say how gorillas react to other males, human or ape but chimpanzees will fight and/or kill other males near their females.
    Chimpanzees are very intelligent and cute while in the "baby or Infant" stage but they reach maturity at age our youngsters are teens then they can get aggressive.
    One of the members of the Missouri branch of the Simian Society had three, one male two females in her refuge, and they were kept in a large cage with bars like in a jail cell.
    He husband often went inside to clean the cages until they all reached the juvenile age and the male became more violent.
    Knowing it was over the man being too close in the cage they started letting their teenage daughter go in to clean.
    That only worked the first time, by the second time the females showed jealousy of her.
    They finally had to ask around the states to see if a zoo would take them and were successful in getting them placed.
    These were chimps that foolish people thought so cute when babies but soon found out how temperamental they get, so the refuge took them.
    I imagine a full grown male gorilla would be just as dangerous to males where his females are concerned.

    Now for a movie it would be that the great apes were more evolved and almost human-like and felt sorry for the baby and grew to love him.
    In movies, anything is possible. :)
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  11. Mythocentric

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    Very true Fairy_Light! There's a clip out here somewhere made when David Attenborough was filming mountain gorilla's. He took every precaution and advice from experts even to the point of remaining hidden inside a small tent well away from the group. Seems someone neglected to allow for the sense of smell as he discovered when the dominant male attacked the tent. Mr. Attenborough considered himself fortunate to get away with broken ribs!
  12. Guy Conrad

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    Hey everybody, I suffered a hard drive crash, and my gorilla is brown again. I tracked down the product update, I thought, and downloaded it, but so far it is the same. It looked like there were only 2 texture files. I'm still checking to see if I made a mistake.
  13. Guy Conrad

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    Fixed it! Ignore me, I'm suffering from fatigue from my hard drive crashing. Re-installing your treasures is stressful.
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  14. Lorraine

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    I'll bet, Guy! Commiserations from down under.
  15. Miss B

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    Sorry to hear about the hard drive crash. No fun, and very frustrating. :(
  16. Guy Conrad

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    Thank you. Your kindness makes me feel better.
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  17. Alisa

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    Hard drive crash -> no fun!! Hope you can recover everythings.
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    Sorry to hear about the hard drive's never fun.
  19. Carey

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    I am 60 years old, no hair loss and no gray hair to mention, I shaved only once a week until I was almost thirty and that was just to remove stubble, Yes my great great grand mother was Indian if that makes a difference., just saying...ah what the heck am I saying, at 5'6" they would never have let me play the part of
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  20. carmen indorato

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    Are we ever going to see a good chimp set for the gorilla?

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