• Welcome to the Community Forums at HiveWire 3D! Please note that the user name you choose for our forum will be displayed to the public. Our store was closed as January 4, 2021. You can find HiveWire 3D and Lisa's Botanicals products, as well as many of our Contributing Artists, at Renderosity. This thread lists where many are now selling their products. Renderosity is generously putting products which were purchased at HiveWire 3D and are now sold at their store into customer accounts by gifting them. This is not an overnight process so please be patient, if you have already emailed them about this. If you have NOT emailed them, please see the 2nd post in this thread for instructions on what you need to do

HiveWire 3D Store Officially Closing at the end of Jan 4th (Midnight US Mountain time)


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Very saddened to hear about this, it's been a long road for all of you. Happy to hear that Dawn and Dusk 2 will still be in the pipeline and that there are open arms to all of the HW CA's should they want to continue. I'm sure you will all be welcomed with open arms wherever you go!

Blessings all!


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Well, I didn't see this coming and this is the first time, since the closure of RuntimeDNA that I'm actually in tears. Personally I don't know what I will do now. I left Rendo waaay back for a reason, because it was to massive.
This felt like an online home for what has become a hobby that got a tad bit out of hand.
One hand, I quite understand. On the other I'm heartbroken.

I don't know if I will continue my products or that I even will go on doing Poser or Daz. I will have to rethink this, to many I had to say goodbye to lately.

Satira Capriccio

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After a very strange night (weird dreams about mines being turned into homes and an heiress accused of being an gold digger!), I'm still rather overwhelmed. I am thankful only the store is closing and that HiveWire and the HiveWire forums will continue. Always a silver lining, right? The Dark (or Dusk?) comes before the Dawn? Even though it was Dusk followed Dawn. Like I said ... a very strange night.

Anyway. My products aren't big sellers. They are a bit too far off the beaten path for that. I am not sure Renderosity would even be interested in my products.

I never expected my products to support me currently, as I work full time. I just don't have the time or energy to treat content development as a full time job. But once I retire in the next two years, I planned for that to change. With more time and energy to devote to content development, I thought it would be able to reliably augment retirement rather than the hit and miss it now is.

Of course, I'm not without options. I could just not retire. /gasp!


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WOW! Interesting news. I'm just glad that work on Dawn and Dusk 2.0 and the animals will continue. Honestly, I just don't know how you guys managed to run a store, post to the many forum posts AND create content. It always perplexed me. So this is a silver cloud moment, as this will give all you lovely people more time to make stuff and not worry about the day to day issues of running the store!

Thanks for all the years of fun! I'll, of course, continue to pop in here from time to time.

Much love and blessings to the team at Hivewire.
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Anyway. My products aren't big sellers. They are a bit too far off the beaten path for that. I am not sure Renderosity would even be interested in my products.
I don't know about that Satira. There are a lot of what you refer to as "off the beaten path" products at Renderosity. Renderosity was the first 3D forum I ever joined 20 years ago, and the first 3D store I ever shopped in, and I still shop there.

Besides, I was eagerly awaiting your next goodie, which you had informed me was close to being ready for testing. ;)


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First; allow me to offer my sincere gratitude that you are planning to maintain the forum. To an end user, such as myself, the community IS Hivewire. And the preview threads are a gift to all of us.

I am not happy about seeing the store go. I cannot imagine anyone could be. But, running a store on top of everything else has got to be a drain. You have built your brand, and found it a new home, and looking back, I can see that this is a decision which has been long in coming.

I hope that the move provides everything you hope from it. I do selfishly hope that the Hivewire stance of remaining cross-platform will be retained, even though Dawn and Dusk have been adopted as official Poser figures.

Meanwhile, I suppose I had best start compiling lists of purchased products, particularly Ken's, against needing to restore purchase histories elsewhere.


It's not a complete loss. HW will keep making their products, this forum will keep going, and we can keep supporting them in our products.

It is with a heavy heart that Lisa, myself and our HiveWire team announce the closing of our HiveWire store.

We very much appreciate the many years of support to our store and the wonderful products that have been showcased and sold there.

We have made arrangements to have our HiveWire products available at the Renderosity marketplace. We currently also have our products available at the Reallusion store for their specific software formats.

We will still maintain our HiveWire forum to stay connected to those here who wish to share their images, ideas, and conversations. We also plan to run contests from time to time in our forum. So that part of HiveWire will not be changing.

We will also maintain our HiveWire weekly newsletter to promote our products that will be available at Renderosity, so that our customers will know where to find them.

We will have a final, FINAL storewide sale beginning the first of December and will run til the first week in January 2021. Many of these products will NOT be moving forward to be published or made available elsewhere, perhaps due to the age of the product, quality, or acceptance value to other stores.

We are making arrangements for customers to have till the end of January 2021 to be able to download all content they have purchased, even though the actual store will close on January 4th.

Renderosity is excited to receive content that has been published at HiveWire and will guide us through the process for our contributing artists to make their content available in the Renderosity marketplace. They may even be reaching out to some artists by email to help things along.

Ken Gilliland, Laurie Prindle, and all other current contributing artists will make their own decisions as to where their products will be published going forward.

We are grateful to all CAs that have shared their immense talents and trust in us by publishing their products with us over these many years. It is our hope that our collaboration and friendship with them will remain.

This is a necessary evolution now for HiveWire 3D. Our store will end, but our impact as a HiveWire brand will continue. Lisa Buckalew, Paul Lessard, and Chris Creek products will remain under the HiveWire brand going forward, those being Lisa's Botanicals, CG Cubed, and Christopher Creek Art content. Naturally some of the CWRW/Laurie Prindle products are tied to specific HiveWire products, and those will be available at Renderosity.

For those interested, our efforts on Dawn 2 continue, as well as our efforts and plans for Dusk 2. We also have many, many animals in the works, and once Dawn 2 is released many of those will be getting attention.

Lisa Buckalew will finally have time to devote to her wonderful botanical products. Some current products will get freshened up, many will not, but other new botanicals will come to light.

We announce this here for your support. We thank you all for your involvement and interest over the years. We value your input and thoughts, and invite you to share those with us now in this thread.
I am so sorry to see the store closing, but with these hard times it is happening everywhere. I would like to extend to the vendors to bring your items to our store Fantasies Realm Market. We would be happy to house anything you still wish to keep selling. Contact me for more information and even if is an older item.


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I'm very sorry to hear this, and GOSH you guys have been so great!!......... I need a big hug from everyone!.... LOL ever since I was a tiny neophyte novice ....... and my first textures were created for Lisa's Botanicals Daylily!!

However, in light of things!! NEW Lisa's Botantials to texture for WOW what an opportunity!! I hope you will finally find time to do that Iris model you were talking about and ............. whatever else you can come up with!! I have so many texturing ideas for some that are still available!! Please, I hope you will consider me for doing some of your texturing expansions or texture work in general.

You guys have been a great learning opportunity for me and are like a 2nd family and even though things may not be the same ! You guys still hold a special place in my heart!

Dakorillon (IMArts)

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I am so sorry to see the store closing, but with these hard times it is happening everywhere. I would like to extend to the vendors to bring your items to our store Fantasies Realm Market. We would be happy to house anything you still wish to keep selling. Contact me for more information and even if is an older item.
Thank you DarkAngel for the offer, I'm sure several people will be contacting you. @Satira Capriccio this might be a place for "off the beaten path".

ShareCG also has a store area now as another thought for those who don't think their products will transfer well to Rendo. I know SY has been trying it out.

Dakorillon (IMArts)

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I still plan to see everyone around here in the best forum in the WORLD!

And I hope that Chris and others will continue to show some sneak peeks into what they are doing? That has been the most amazing learning experience for me. Seeing how things change and develop before seeing the full item in it's glory, that is inspirational and I would truly miss that.