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HiveWire 3D Store Officially Closing at the end of Jan 4th (Midnight US Mountain time)


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It is with a heavy heart that Lisa, myself and our HiveWire team announce the closing of our HiveWire store.

We very much appreciate the many years of support to our store and the wonderful products that have been showcased and sold there.

We have made arrangements to have our HiveWire products available at the Renderosity marketplace. We currently also have our products available at the Reallusion store for their specific software formats.

We will still maintain our HiveWire forum to stay connected to those here who wish to share their images, ideas, and conversations. We also plan to run contests from time to time in our forum. So that part of HiveWire will not be changing.

We will also maintain our HiveWire weekly newsletter to promote our products that will be available at Renderosity, so that our customers will know where to find them.

We will have a final, FINAL storewide sale beginning the first of December and will run til the first week in January 2021. Many of these products will NOT be moving forward to be published or made available elsewhere, perhaps due to the age of the product, quality, or acceptance value to other stores.

We are making arrangements for customers to have till the end of January 2021 to be able to download all content they have purchased, even though the actual store will close on January 4th.

Renderosity is excited to receive content that has been published at HiveWire and will guide us through the process for our contributing artists to make their content available in the Renderosity marketplace. They may even be reaching out to some artists by email to help things along.

Ken Gilliland, Laurie Prindle, and all other current contributing artists will make their own decisions as to where their products will be published going forward.

We are grateful to all CAs that have shared their immense talents and trust in us by publishing their products with us over these many years. It is our hope that our collaboration and friendship with them will remain.

This is a necessary evolution now for HiveWire 3D. Our store will end, but our impact as a HiveWire brand will continue. Lisa Buckalew, Paul Lessard, and Chris Creek products will remain under the HiveWire brand going forward, those being Lisa's Botanicals, CG Cubed, and Christopher Creek Art content. Naturally some of the CWRW/Laurie Prindle products are tied to specific HiveWire products, and those will be available at Renderosity.

For those interested, our efforts on Dawn 2 continue, as well as our efforts and plans for Dusk 2. We also have many, many animals in the works, and once Dawn 2 is released many of those will be getting attention.

Lisa Buckalew will finally have time to devote to her wonderful botanical products. Some current products will get freshened up, many will not, but other new botanicals will come to light.

We announce this here for your support. We thank you all for your involvement and interest over the years. We value your input and thoughts, and invite you to share those with us now in this thread.


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Thank you for letting us know well ahead of the closing. It's been fun to be here and I shall miss it.
I will be moving some of my products to Renderosity. (I already have a store there.) Some products will simply go into retirement for the time being. (Especially the "Beach" series which has already been at Renderosity.)

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
OMG, I can't believe what I just read!!! o_O I can't tell you how much this saddens me! :(

Thank you in advance for keeping the forums open as I, and every other regular poster, have made a lot of friends on this forum, and would hate to lose contact with them.


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As many of you may know, I have been a vendor as CWRW at Renderosity since 2008 when I made my first product, and have kept a store there even after I moved from Daz 3D to HiveWire back in 2013. Currently my Rendo store has a large part of my HiveWire catalog there and I will be moving a majority of the remaining current HW store/CWRW products there over the next few months. I will need to sort out my LAMH products and some other of my current "Sweet Deal" products as I am not sure how they will fit in at Rendo/their pricing structure, and some should be updated before they are moved. So I would definitely suggest getting any of those (and any of my older currently HW exclusive products) during the final sale as I don't know at this point if some of those will be available again, or if they are, exactly when. So all that said, my store at Rendo will become my exclusive store, once the HiveWire store closes.

I will be continuing to work with Chris and Paul on new animals in the future for sure, as long as they are into that moving forward.

I am very sad to say goodbye to our HiveWire store but I totally understand the reasons behind it and will continue to support the HiveWire brand and it's products.


Edited to add: Yes I will very much be posting to my current CWRW preview thread here as appropriate. And a huge thank you to all of you who have supported my work here at HiveWire the past 7 years! How time has flown!
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Dakorillon (IMArts)

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So sorry. So glad that the forums are staying. So happy that you will be continuing on with the animals and Dawn and Dusk, even if elsewhere. I understand the difficulties of maintaining such an endeavor. I also understand the deep soul-searching that went into such a decision. Such a roller-coaster of emotion.

I truly do hope that we can all keep in touch and even keep working with you all on some of the new creatures (I have plans!!!!) And I hope that this will free you all up for new journeys and greater growth of the HiveWire brand.


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I am still speechless, but I understand why this is happening. I have been with HW from the very beginning, and now to the very end. With or without a store, I will continue to support HW figures, probably at Rendo, which is where I've got started as a vendor back in 2003. This was not in my plans, but if Rendo will become Dawn and Dusk's new home, then that's where I have to go.

Rendo has informed me they will try to make the transition as painless as possible, coming from their previous experience of absorbing Content Paradise vendors not long ago when it closed. I am not sure which of my products Rendo will want to keep, but I guess we will find that out soon.

I am thankful to Chris, Lisa, Paul and Alisa for having welcomed me here for the last 7 years. I had stores elsewhere before, but the experience wasn't as cozy as it has been here. I would also like to thank all the people who have purchased my products at HW until now, and I hope I can count on my existing customers here to support me at Rendo, as I will continue to support HW figures in the foreseeable future. So at least on that side, nothing will change.

As a matter of fact, I am eager to get started with the upcoming Dawn 2.0, for I believe she has all it takes to be the next big thing. She's currently at rigging stage with Paul. If a door is closing with the end of the HW store, another one will be opening when Dawn2 comes out. So I guess I will still be as involved with HW at Rendo as I have been here.


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Now that I've had a moment to deal with the shock, I too have been here since the beginning. First as beta tester, then as a QAV tester, and then as a content creator. Here with Dawn is where I made and sold my first products.

I am sorry that I will have to find a new home for my products, but I am happy that I will get the opportunity to continue working with HW on their new products.

Satira Capriccio

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I'm so sorry to hear this. Though, I do look forward to Lisa having time to work on her Botanicals.

I'm rather overwhelmed by the news at the moment, and simply do not know what I will do with my products. HiveWire has been a pleasure to work with. HiveWire is also where I made and sold my first products. If it wasn't for the support and encouragement of Chris, Lisa, and Alisa, I'm not sure I'd ever have had the confidence to become a Contributing Artist. Moving to another store is going to be difficult for me as I just don't deal well with change.

I think all the HiveWire zips survived my last hard drive failure, it was primarily the DAZ executables that got corrupted. But I have a number of purchases since August that I haven't yet downloaded. Obviously, that's going to be a priority for December.


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I started with HiveWire before our store opened, as a beta tester for the original Dawn.

I've enjoyed working with all of our CAs and customers over the years, doing beta, and then QAV and customer support, among other things (we all have worn many different hats ;)). I hope we've given a good home to our CAs, and that they'll find an equally good home going forward for their products. We'll look forward to hearing about them in our forum!

As we make our transition to being Renderosity vendors, I'll be retiring from my day-to-day HiveWire duties at the end of the year. Sadly, I'm actually several years past the typical retirement age, LOL!

I'm still part of the HiveWire team, and will, of course, be around the forums, and watching excitedly as HiveWire and Lisa's Botanicals products move along our creative pipeline, though beta testing, and into the Renderosity store.

We have a number of Ken Gilliland's updates that my team and I are working on, which will be out over the next month, so keep an eye out for those via Ken's thread and/or the update forum thread.

I want to say how incredibly proud I am of my QAV team and how much I've enjoyed working with all of them.

QAV is something that most people don't really notice unless it's done poorly. One of my goals has always been to never have customers asking "How on earth did QAV miss THAT ??"

The dedication, hard work, & many hours behind the scenes that my team has put in, has made that something we really DON'T hear :). We rarely get support tickets where there's something we didn't catch, and that is to their credit!!

Meanwhile, remember it's just the store that's going away, not HiveWire or our awesome forums!!! Hopefully you'll all stick around, as there will still be a lot of BUZZ in the forums here at HiveWire!!