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Ok, I will try to be patient... Siri, set cookie timer...


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Its not for cloths, its for dawn. Here is a screen shot with default Dawn and with the bodysuit morph (I just changed the texture of Dawn so she wasn't nakie :)) It also looks like it gets rid of bellybutton too.
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I tried BodySuit morph but it doesn't work with BreastLarge. So I need to do a fix morph for the suit if someone wants a huge boobs superheroine.


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More trouble than they're worth certainly (neck ache, back aches, headaches blah, take it from me as someone who could cut theirs in half and still be compared to Dolly :p)


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Oh you poor thing, Rae! Ouchies! I have an old friend who had that problem and had it 'dealt to'. She is several sizes smaller and 100x happier now. No more shoulder pain :)


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Looking awesome. I have some flight poses in my Mixed Poses pack for Dawn that might come in handy. I'm totally seeing Green Lantern here.

Nice to hear that RAMWolff!
Green Lantern was my inspiration when I looked at the Hivewire3d logo.


This pose is already in the first set. But it's more like Hadouken. :)
And I also intend to include the antecipation of this pose.

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Just for the record, there are two anticipations of this pose:
In front:


And to the side:


Gadget Girl

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Just for the record, there are two anticipations of this pose:

I think it's great you are doing anticipation poses as well. Not only is it a help if someone wants to animate, but the anticipation can be a great storytelling moment even in static render.

These look great.


Pinging my second Superhero thread for awesomeness.

I use Poser but don't hate DAZ. I'm still getting used to Dawn but it's the usage and support that makes a figure, no?

Nothing wrong with large breasts. A super-heroine has a strong back, yes?

The creator of Wonder Woman was into S/M? I'm not quite convinced of that. I think it was more of a sign of the times. Women barely had the right the vote for only 22 years. Still, I'm conducting exhaustive research on the matter.

Is...is she winking?