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Frightful Fantasies Render Challenge! - CLOSED


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For purposes of this challenge, do Suzy Q 2, The Dude 2, and other Tate figures now available only here qualify for the "Must Feature a Hivewire Exclusive Figure"?
I have 2 cooking and an idea for a third possibly.

Miss B

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No Kage. HiveWire Exclusive Figure refers to those figures HiveWire (Chris and Paul) created, such as Dawn, Dusk, Luna, the HW Horse, Big Cat, House Cat, etc.

Of course, you could always post them in the I Just Wanted To Post an Image thread for all to see. ;)

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The Risen.jpg

Production Credits:
Dawn SE from Hivewire3D
Vampire for Dawn by CG Cubed
Scarlet: Demonia by Sixus 1 (Wings)
Daiwa's Dominion by DM and Abraham (Crosses and Tombs)
Garee's Glow Moon by Garee
Dream Art 2 by DMR (Fog and Cloud planes)
Parametrics 1 for Terradome 2 by Mortem Vetus
Terra Lumina for Terradome 2 by Mortem Vetus
Fog by RuntimeDNA
Cloud Kit (Unreleased and Experimental) by KageRyu

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FINAL RENDER - The Gathering
The Gathering.jpg

Production Credits:
Dawn SE by Hivewire3D
Tribal Witch by Nathy
Enchanted Glade by DM
Enchanted Hill by DM
Enchanted Forest by Stonemason
Mycoz 2 by Poisen
Flink's Wet Grass by Flink
Forest Stones by Sharamusa
Wavecutter by ImageNation (the Stardome)
Fire from unknown prop set
Firefly Scatters by RuntimeDNA
Savage Life Poses by KageRyu (Coming Soon)
Dream Art 2 by DMR

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Very nice Phoenixdrache, and welcome to the HiveWire forums. Participating in our render challenge is a great introduction to HiveWire. ;)
Final Render: I'm coming for you...

Hivewire Horse
Hivewire Horse - Draft
Hivewire Horse - Fresian
Classic Tack for the Hivewire Horse
Show Off Poses for the Hivewire Horse
Barbaric for G3 Male
Merlin's Medieval Axes
Sword of Time Shield

I hope it is Halloween enough.
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Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
I think anything "frightful" will do. You didn't mention, but I assume this is a Final Render.
Thanks Miss B. I edited in "Final Render" on the original post. I just wasn't sure the render was topical enough so that is why I asked.