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Feed Your Muse Render Challenge!

Discussion in 'Render Challenges' started by Rae134, Apr 6, 2018.

  1. Miss B

    Miss B Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time CV-BEE

    Niiiiice Stezza. ;) Unfortunately, you already have 3 entries, which is the limit, or is this just for the heck of it, and not an official entry? Now that I look at it again, you didn't give it a Title, nor did you mark it Final Render.
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  2. Stezza

    Stezza Awesome

    thankyou...... and it has my signature lol

    :beehive: :flower02:
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  3. Miss B

    Miss B Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time CV-BEE

    Oh Duuuuuuuuuh! BangHeadEmoti.gif I'm so used to seeing your sig, I didn't even notice it. :rofl:
  4. Janet

    Janet Energetic Contributing Artist

    Feed your muse 2. Hivewire cat, Silly cat things, Noggin's rat and Terradome 2 skydome. Oh for a title: Heavenly muse kitties.[​IMG]
    Last edited: May 16, 2018 at 9:44 AM
  5. Rowan54

    Rowan54 Dragon Queen Contributing Artist

    Muse Committee.jpg

    FINAL RENDER: Feeding Time for the Muse Committee: But Guys, that's all there is! So many of you is why I never get anything finished! I don't get paid, then you don't get fed!

    ITEMS USED (multiple renders plus photo, assembled in Photoshop):
    Photo of background -- by me, my office.
    Dawn: Winks & Blinks by Nightsong, Essentials Sweater by EvilInnocence, Dynamic Wardrobe (pants) by Esha
    Angel: Michael 4, Valient by Ravenhair, Creature Wings by RawArt.
    Dragon: Ocean Queen by Arki.
    Cats: Mil Cat, Classic Cats,
    Butterflies by Noggins.
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  6. tparo

    tparo Adventurous QAV-BEE

    Sorry just to clarify, do the Cat, Big Cat, Dog and Horse qualify or does the render need to include Dawn or Dusk or Luna?
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  7. KageRyu

    KageRyu Rabid Art Monkey Contributing Artist

    @Stezza and @Miss B , perhaps, but most of the content (clothing, morphs, materials) I would want to use for ghosts are not for Dawn or Dusk, and glancing at my Dawn/Dusk library I need much more in terms of clothing/morphs and textures. I have so much on my mind right now, I'll have to see what happens.
  8. Miss B

    Miss B Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time CV-BEE

    Yes the HiveWire "animals" qualify. :)
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  9. Rowan54

    Rowan54 Dragon Queen Contributing Artist

    I didn't break this thread, did I? I mean, I posted a picture and suddenly it went silent.......
  10. Miss B

    Miss B Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time CV-BEE

    No Rowan, there just may not be anyone else planning on posting an entry, OR there just may be last minute entries next week.
  11. Faery_Light

    Faery_Light Extraordinary Contributing Artist

    Uh oh, now that song is running through my head. :)
  12. Rowan54

    Rowan54 Dragon Queen Contributing Artist

    Oh, good. I mean, it's kind of creepy to have the place go silent after you say something.
  13. Miss B

    Miss B Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time CV-BEE

    I'm sure it feels that way, but from all the other render challenges we have had, this one has had a few more entries, and they were posted not long after the render challenge was opened. Sometimes it takes longer to get it moving along, as it were, but not this time, so now it seems too quiet. I wouldn't worry about it.
  14. Rowan54

    Rowan54 Dragon Queen Contributing Artist

    Enlightening Silence of Forest.jpg

    My second entry FINAL RENDER.
    Title: The Enlightening Silence of the Forest.

    Dawn, Starter Morphs,
    Just Me for Dawn,
    Classic Red, White & Black for Just Me by Rowan54 (was at YURdigital for a while, currently nowhere)
    My own photo.
    A tree model that I have not published yet.
    A fern model probably from the "Ferns Pack" by Transpond.

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