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~Dog Accessories Pack~

Give your doggy a cozy house, complete with name plate, comfy warm blanket, food and water bowls, and leather collar with name tag.


What's Included and Features:

* 1 conforming leather dog collar with name tag, and leash-ready. Includes 7 adjustment morphs.

* 1 Empty Dog Bowl.
* 1 Dog Bowl with Food combo preset.
* 1 Dog Bowl with Water combo preset.
* 1 Morphing Dog House with name plate.
* 1 Dog Rug/Blanket SmartProp for the house that can be also used anywhere else.

* 3 default presets for the bowl, "Messy" food, "Neat" food, and water.
* 12 Dog bowl material presets. You can edit these colors in the materials.
* 8 Leather collar color presets. You can edit these colors in the materials.
* 13 Material presets for the morphing Dog House. You can edit these colors in the materials.
* 1 Material preset for the Dog Rug/Blanket.

* 6 texture template so you can create your own textures.

Included at the bottom right corner, among the many available material presets, The White House! :D


I have added a rug/blanket to make the house more comfy for doggy.


There are food and water bows.


And of course, there is the leather dog collar with name tag.


And it's leash-ready!


Today I have completed the internal beta-testing, and have submitted the package to HW QAV.

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
I thought so too, seeing as the texture doesn't make me think of puppies lying around on it. ;)


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Contributing Artist
The stuff is awesome, but I have one question. Why does the doghouse say "Spot" when the dog is all one color?


Dances with Bees
HW Honey Bear
I take it that the morphs don't work in Studio, but they can all be used as props (with the usual material tweaking)?