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Christmas goodies 2020


Yes I hope my uploading info to the databases ----yes still doing that, I have never had so much trouble but then I have not been exposed to moving to a higher than used PHP either...have central. Seems maybe the snow played mean with the internet.


Ok, a little update.
FA forum is back online, even only partially (the update of theme and some things isn't ended, the new posts can disappear - how it's hard for chating people :angel: ). With it, the Attic Free Zone is back.
Concerning PDF (the forum where people talk, and the other with freebies) for the moment they aren't yet back. So the Winetr Dip textures will have to wait before to be linked here.
For Christmas freebies working with a base coming from FRM, you'll have to wait a little too, I'm afraid. Sorry for the inconvenience.