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    I ended up putting all my regular Hivewire products on a thumb drive so when I want to test in Poser I just eject the thumb drive and that way I don't have to worry about Poser finding files from the regular products when it shouldn't. They have really big thumb drives now that are fairly cheap and I haven't noticed any slowdown associated with using a thumb drive.
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    We've gotten a few pose sets with this type of issue that is not being picked up by beta testers, so I've added it to the "Pose" section of the first post. Thanks!:

    5-Check, as you are turning and zooming, that body parts look NATURAL. You often need to do a lot of little bits of combining twist/bend/side-side, and sometimes that's not done and the twist or bend ends up with broken looking body parts - pay particular attention to necks, legs, hands, fingers, legs, feet, and toes.
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    I just added this to the first post - this should help in Poser to make it easier to find pokethru in the ground.

    Turn ON ground shadows.

    Right under the Preview window, there are some little squares and circles with dropdowns. The third from the left allows you to do this.

    Ground Shadows Poser.jpg

    Turning the Ground prop off will make it even easier.
    This is done in the Properties tab (next to the Parameter tab)

    You can then zoom in and rotate the scene to see if there is too much pokethru
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