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  1. Lobo3433

    Silo seems to be back in development

    For those of you who might own Silo seems they are back in development just got a notice that there is a new Beta release available this is the second beta release this year so if are no aware of this you can get further information here Silo - Focused 3D Modeling | Nevercenter
  2. Alisa

    BETA TESTING - IMPORTANT for all Beta Test AND CA's to read!!

    You've signed on to help a CA do their beta testing - HOORAY, and THANK YOU!! The QAV team has gathered some info to help you help them, and therefore, help us! SOME BASIC THINGS TO KNOW: 1-You need to own the product you are testing and all required products. If you don't have all of them...
  3. Dawn

    Need Beta Tester for Poser dynamic Dress for Diva

    Hi, I need a poser tester for a dynamic dress I have made for Diva. No textures to test, just the model and draping in the cloth room. Must own Diva by Pendraia. Tester will get a final copy of the item for free for testing. Thanks Dawn
  4. Gadget Girl

    Poser 9 Tester needed for Dynamic outfit

    So I'm doing some fancy stuff with my outfit I'm working on Ao Dai for Dawn/Sora/Diva/Alexis Because of that I definitely want to make sure it works okay going back to Poser 9/2012. The biggest thing is that I have made a script that sets up most of the cloth sim for you. As it's really hard to...
  5. RobZhena

    Any Poser 11 Users Willing to Test a Pauline Freebie?

    Jen 3 would be my first freebie. I used @shvrdavid's shrink wrapping technique (TUTORIAL The Morph Brush: Transfering FBMs to other characters.) to scale Pauline to match and transfer the G3F torso, legs, and head contours to Pauline using the G3F figure exported from DS as an obj. I left the...
  6. Rae134

    HW Horse textures both DS & Poser testers needed - Kitty Ponies set 1

    Hi, I'm looking for both Daz Studio and Poser testers for my "Kitty Ponies" textures. Poser textures are ready now, 3Delight options are also ready, but I'm still working on Iray options but they should be done by the end of the week :)