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Any Poser 11 Users Willing to Test a Pauline Freebie?


Jen 3 would be my first freebie. I used @shvrdavid's shrink wrapping technique (TUTORIAL The Morph Brush: Transfering FBMs to other characters.) to scale Pauline to match and transfer the G3F torso, legs, and head contours to Pauline using the G3F figure exported from DS as an obj. I left the arms, hands, and feet alone. I generated a FBM and then did some smoothing work with the morph brush. The result is a CR2 that merely resembles G3F with the base Pauline texture.

My reading of the Poser 11 EULA is that I can distribute the result. Per the EULA:

  • “Vendor Resource” means content that is included with or part of the Program that is specifically identified in the Documentation or listed in this EULA as a Vendor Resource. The following figures, their figure geometries and their associated textures are Vendor Resources:
    Pauline Casual
    Paul Casual
Vendor Resources may be used to create derivative works based on the Figure files, geometry or texture maps. In addition to the rights granted for Restricted Content you may use Vendor Resources for the following:

Create and distribute derivative figures and figure clothing based on the geometry and character files.

Create and distribute textures maps based on the figure’s texture maps.

Create modified of improved character files for the figures.

Export the modified or derivative figures for inclusion in game engines.

You may not:

Distribute the unmodified character files, geometry or textures.

Repackage the unmodified Vendor Resources for use in software other than the Program.

Derivative works created with Vendor Resources become the property of the author. Ownership of the actual Vendor Resource remains with the Company.​

I would be grateful if someone who uses P11 under Windows and OS X would be willing to see whether the thing works. If you start a conversation, I can send you a dropbox link to the zip file. Thank you!

Jen 3.jpg


Contributing Artist
I believe that you can't use the shape of G3F - that's Daz3D's property.
I think marianner may be right Rob! Sorry...that's also the problem with distributing clones for ds which I think is really silly as the mesh isn't the same but if it's the same shape it's still part of their intellectual property. It's why there are no clones for Daz people for Dawn and Dusk.


I had hoped to have time to show something, but I have abandoned the shrink-wrapped figure and built one that is 100 percent Pauline. Thanks to all for the input.
Hey Rob, just so you know, you could go back and simply manually re-work the Pauline mesh to give you a similar shape. You just can't shrinkwrap it. I had a similar issue when I first started working with Dawn and I was only trying to make clothes for Dawn. Chris and Paul ended up discussing it and they decided that it was alright to use shrinkwrapping to make clothes for Dawn. Of course, it still has to be your own original mesh.

I mention this because like you, I didn't think shrinkwrapping was a violation of the EULA. Personally, I still don't think so, but I do kind of see their point. I just don't see DAZ being so lenient.
I think marianner may be right Rob! Sorry...that's also the problem with distributing clones for ds which I think is really silly as the mesh isn't the same but if it's the same shape it's still part of their intellectual property. It's why there are no clones for Daz people for Dawn and Dusk.
Personally, I believe that DAZ would lose the "shape" argument in court. There's precedent, actually. The Ghostbusters movie was sued back when the movie first debutted by Harvey Comics because the ghost in the logo resembled one of their signature characters, known as "Fatso" from the Casper comics. The court ruled against Harvey, saying that there are only so many ways to draw a ghost. Well, the same could be said about the human body, plus DAZ doesn't and can't own a patent to the shape or everybody on the planet would be in violation.


I will (soonish--I have a full-time job and elder care!) post some renders including one showing that Paulette uses the classic comic book super heroine proportions, as does DAZ, by the way. It's pretty much the same situation on "ideal shape" for the body.

That's good to know about shrink-wrapping clothing, by the way. I hadn't thought of that.


eclark1894, "Personally, I believe that DAZ would lose the "shape" argument in court."

You are right.

"copyright does not protect utilitarian objects or language. The fact that copyright doesn’t protect purely functional designs is why clothing designs are almost never protected by copyright. Sculptural works that are primarily utilitarian don’t receive copyright protection either."
What types of things are protected by copyright? | New Media Rights

And the question of if people can sign away their basic rights by accepting an EUlA that no one ever reads is questionable to say the the least. I can assure you that it will not hold up in any European court and I believe not in US either.
End-user license agreement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


I am please to introduce Paulette for Pauline, which I plan to post to the Rendo freebies this weekend. She is 100 percent Pauline, designed using her built-in morphs and those from Lyrra's Pauline Plus. I am deeply grateful to @Glitterati3D, who tested Paulette, identified problems, and taught this neophyte how to edit a CR2 so that a full body morph was set to 1 when placed in the scene. And to everyone else who chimed in--thank you! This is why I posted my question at the Hive. I see people here helping other people all the time. Any remaining problems with the character are my fault alone. Paulette's CR2 requires the Pauline obj and base texture, so you must own a variant of Poser 11.

This is a Superbly render.

Paulette Pauline Base Superfly.jpg


Paulette's body proportions are based on those of the comic book super heroine. It appears to me that DAZ draws on the same roots for its figures. Paulette is wearing the mask from Hi-Fantasy Pussycat, second skin from Vavoom Corset, and Ogg boots from the Larvik set.

Paulette Body Proportions.jpg


As to the original idea of this thread, Paulette has no connection whatsoever to G3F other than super heroine proportions, as you can see in this Superbly render.

Paulette G3F Comparison Superfly.jpg


Paulette can be elegant! She is wearing Bejeweled Gown, Vavoom gloves, and Christine hair. I plan to release the makeups in the last two renders as a freebie. Like Pauline's base texture, they work from a distance but are not nearly as good as commercial products close up.

Paulette Elegant.jpg


Very good work! Finally a Pauline with the right height for a fashion model.
We from the Marvelous Designer crowd thank you!