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Avatars And Profile


Dances with Bees
My avatar was inspired by the new Batman v Superman movie. I did the whole thing myself in GIMP. I love that program. It's the poor man's Photoshop, and it's pretty powerful. I made my own galaxy with it. Can I post that here? It's a 1920 x 1080 .png....


HW3D QAV Queen Bee
Staff member
LOL Karth, probably - sweet kitty


Glad to see Avatars on all 3 of you so you have "faces" :)


Hi Karth, I love the new avatar but I will have to make sure our avatars never meet up. Mine has a passion for chasing cats, I know most dogs do but many of this 'breed' are often fast enough to catch them. If only the cats knew that the best move is to stand their ground with mine, he is fast but not very brave and will abandon the idea if the object of his attention won't run.


Cute cat Karth!

What breed is your dog Hornet? Is it a whippet? She's very cute too!
I put the word breed in quotes a he is a Lurcher which is not recognised as a breed as it is a sighthound cross so you are as close as you can get with whippet.

I am not sure on his true bloodline as we adopted him from a rescue center and all we really know was that he was a working dog that got abandoned. That and the fact that his owners clearly thought the hungrier the dog the better the hunter as you could see almost every bone in his body when we first got him.

The hunting background means we have to be very careful when walking him and he is always on a lead for his walks but so he can get good exercise we book and enclosed field a couple of times a week. Weekends my wife and I often take him for a walk at an arboretum close to us. He loves to run and to see him at speed is a sight to behold. Despite the hunting background he has a wonderful temperament and is great with kids.