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Anime Girl Kristin 2.0


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While going through my backups and archives I came across some old promo and marketing materials I had helped make for some of Chris' products years ago when we occasionally worked together. We both had a love of classic Japanese Giant Robot Anime, especially Macross, and I did some work with him on some of his variables. I found an old Marketing Video for the VGF-14 I had made, but at the time none of the websites suported linking animations to products yet, so I stuck it on youtube and shared it with Chris. I found it is still there, so I thought in his memory I would share it here. I had hoped to make some animated preset scenes for "Perfect Transformations" for the various Variables he had created that could be used as animated pose blocks - but computer and life problems started taking a heavy toll halfway through the first set (for the VGF-14).
O am sharing this for those who may never have seen it (was working on a space scene involving the Wildhog...but it never got completed).
Chris, I miss you buddy. I am still waiting on that alien hover tank to ERC script from 2013...

Edit: Oh, wait... here's another...

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That sounds like an exciting project! Going back to enhance Anime Girl Kristin with improved rigging, facial expressions, and character presets shows your dedication to delivering a top-notch experience. The addition of an ERC controlled walk cycle is a great touch. Looking forward to the updates, and I'm sure the community will appreciate the improvements in textures and bump maps. Best of luck with the completion, and I can't wait to see the enhanced version in action!


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Hi, Alexandro, and welcome to HiveWire. Unfortunately, I don't think there will be any changes made to Anime Girl Kristen, as Chris, the creator, passed away.

I have sent you a private message. Please click on the little envelope image at the top right of the page to read it, and please reply. Thanks.